Frequently Asked Questions.


Hai! Here are a couple of questions that I get asked over and over again. If you are curious about anything feel free to ask! 

Q: Why do you start blogging? 
A: Hmm. Initially it started out to be a platform for me to write shamelessly in English, but as time goes by, I developed a passion for writing. Even though up till now, I still can't write well. Haha. 

Q: How much do you earn from blogging? 
A: Actually and honestly, the sad truth is that I don't really earn from blogging. I just love the idea of sharing is caring. 

Q: How can I earn loyal followers?
A: Content, Time and Interaction are three biggest factor to earn loyal followers. Providing great content and interactions with your followers on social media networks or comments, they are most likely to return to your site! 

Q: Why do you choose blogger instead of Wordpress? 
A: Simple, I am more familiar with HTML. I understands HMTL better than CSS.

Q: Do you have Instagram? 
A: Of coz! You can follow me right here

Q: What camera do you usually use for Instagram? 
A: My phone. I uses HTC Desire EYE to capture 98% of the photos I have on Instagram, the remaining 2% are from my DSLR. 

Q: What app do you use to edit your photos?
A: SNAPSEED! Totally in love with this app, I am in control of what I am editing. Its available for both Apple iTunes and Android Play Store. 

Q: Are you pursuing after fame? 
A: I would rather say I am pursuing after success. There are many people out there that are famous, but they have done nothing significant. I believe in charisma and contribution more than just fame and not doing anything significant. 

Q: Can I use your image for my site? 
A: Its a hard work to provide unique content. All contents on my blog are copyrighted, which means you need permission in order to use them. If you wish to share any of my content on your blog, kindly limit yourself to one image and link them back to or to the post directly. When in doubt, just send me an email to ask! Thank you! 

Q: How can I contact you?
A: You can contact me right here

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