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Living in a bustling city like Singapore, hectic life with unhealthy eating habits are inescapable. If you are expecting a typical Singaporean, like me, to exercise 5 times a week, and not eat any snacks (especially chocolates, sweets and ice cream!)  between meals, hurhur, that's impossible! Of course, with this kind of unhealthy eating habits with the lack of exercise, it no wonder that the circumference along my waist has increase exponentially. 

In a survey done by National Health Survey (2010) states that one in nine (10.8%) Singapore resident aged between 18 to 69 years was obese, on top of that in one out of two Singaporeans are dissatisfied with their weight and are trying to lose weight. 

Well, I am not categorised under obese, but I am definitely one of those who are dissatisfied with their weight. Honestly, I have been trying all sorts of methods (No carbs, no process food, vegan diet, cleansing drink, sweet potato diet, fruits diet) to lose weight. Evidently, they do make minimal changes to my body, however, days later I would see myself back in square. 

When I was approached by Tea Leaf Culture to try out their Tea Trim, I was told that Tea can induce in Weight loss, reduces bloating and keeping sugar at bay. I was really skeptical about the effectiveness. After knowing rose petals are one of the ingredients, I was sold. (I can't resist roses, even thought it is not a rose tea) I thought "why not just give it a try? no harm trying right?" 

With that, I started my slim from within journey about a month ago.

Unlike many of my friends who dislike tea (Bland and tasteless), I enjoyed every single bit of it. I can get overly excited over the color change in my water. As I am more of a tea person, I became very particular about tea. I dislike the idea of adding sugar cubes into my precious tea, with that, in order for the tea to be sweet it totally depends on the tea leaf itself. 

When I snipped open the packaging, I could smell the fragrant of rose petals and Sencha Green Tea. Even though I love drinking tea, but making tea every morning was not my thing (I am always waking up late and I rushes out of my house door). And yet, I would prepare a bottle of Tea Trim before I leaves the house each day. I realise I cannot start my day off without it, I have fallen in love with the fragrance and the taste of the tea. 

Loose leaf teas are much better than tea bagged teas in terms of grade, quality and many other factors. The benefits are much more than just keeping you in shape and being skinny! Most Japanese people drink green tea daily and they live a very healthy long life. 

Tea fuser or filter is advised since it comes in forms of tea leaves. Tea Trim can be drank hot or chilled or infused with fruits. 

Tea Trim

1. Organic Sencha Green TeaGreen Tea has more catechin, which boost metabolism. Helps to defend against cancer, improves immunity, decrease body fats (Holloway et. al., n.d.). 
2. Puer : Reduces bad cholesterol, improves circulations, aids in weight loss, helps prevent diabetes (Myszko, n.d.).
3. Rose Petals: Antioxidant, anti inflammatory, anti-bacterial (Hudson, 2012).
4. Licorice : Decrease swelling and coughing, aids in ulcer healing (Licorice, 2014). 
5. Yerba Mate

The first flagship is that Tea Trim assist in keeping untimely food and sugar cravings at bay, reduce bloating, boost metabolism, and naturally regulate appetite, and thereby inducing weight loss. However, Tea Trim does not produce laxative effects as it focus mainly on overall health and wellbeing.

One study shows that subjects who consumed green tea and caffeine lost an average of 2.9 pounds over 12 weeks, all while maintaining their normal diet (Ellis, 2013). 

In just four days, I witness significant reduction in abdominal bloating! I was even more amazed by the change in my eating habits, the amount of calories intakes has significantly decreased! 

However, my body weight did not show significant decreased.. I was a little disappointed. Most importantly is that, for now, bloating is not gonna be a problem! 

If you are hoping for greater results that what I am experiencing right now here are some key things to note: 

1. Do not skip meals. Especially breakfast. Make an effort to eat a good breakfast.

2. If rice is your staple food, try to eat brown rice or basmati rice rather than jasmine rice. Brown rice and basmati rice are believed to be healthier and easier to digest. In contrast, white rice or jasmine rice has high glycemic index (GI), which increases your blood sugar levels and could make you hungry quicker.

3. If you eat bread/toast, choose wholemeal, wholegrain, or whole wheat bread rather than white bread for reasons same as above.

4. If you eat out most of the time, bear in mind that the serving size is usually larger than 1. So practice portion control and choose healthier options.

It is recommend to drink at least twice a day, approximately 30minutes before meals and/or exercise. For maximum results, Tea Trim should be used in conjunction with your usual exercise routine and healthy eating habits. 

Are there any side effects?

Well, for me, not at all. My biggest worry will be Licorice and Yerba Mate. In fact both ingredients are safe when it is used in food consumptions, however, it may cause certain groups of people to develop allergy. Honestly, you know your body best! Listen to your body. If you feel uncomfortable, please seek professional advices! 

Exclusive discount

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If you have any enquiries do visit TeaLeafCulture.com for more information or email me at zelenelmt@gmail.com! 

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