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1 Nassim Road #02-03
Singapore 258458

As I have mentioned in my previous post, I am honoured to have LookBooker to sponsor my current hair to be cut by Salon B. Led by industry veteran Sunny Lee, the team is experience in creative cuts, styling and color treatment.

It is hard to believe that tucked in a corner of the vibrant, bustling Orchard Road lay a chic and cozy salon. It was the design and layout that first caught my eyes, I sensed both warmth and posh. I really love the concept that Salon B has. 

I will skip all the technical fault that I have encountered while doing my bookings. You can read more here . Knowing that it will be my first visit to Salon B, the founder of LookBooker, Renee, pleasantly suggest this particular stylist for me. 

So, I proudly announced: Director Louie Ahn.

About 10 years ago, Louie left Korea for Singapore and found Salon B as his second home. Being in the industry for more than 7 years and the finalist in Wella Trend Vision Awards, he remains humble and continues to hone his skills through various shows and seminars.

Salon B is like a Genie, heard my wishes, and turned me into a princess. I was first greeted warmly by the door and was led to my seat. Honestly speaking, I was never led to my seats for all my life in my hairdressing experiences.  Then, I was served with a drink of my choice.  If you are worried that you will be spending long hours in the salon and would be wasting your data. Fret not they have WIFI for you!

Recently, I fell in love with bangs, I feel that bangs are super sexy. I don’t know why. I showed this photo to Louie.

Nice right.. So sexy... hehehe.

To my disappointment, I was told that I will not be able to pull off this look. So he suggested something of a bangs but would be perfect for me. 

Here are the outcome of the suggested look: 
1.     It’s bangs
2.     Creates illusion of smaller face.
3.     Does not require high maintenance.
4.     Simple and stylish.

Tell me, why would I say no to this kind of outcome! 

While Louie performed his magic on my hair, I played with my app games. I got bored after having it for 20 minutes? Yeap. 20 minutes. Judge me, whatever you want.

So, I started a general conversation with Louie. It was then I realised Louie is a friendly shy guy. He gladly shared his experiences with me as a stylist. Even though I was firing questions at him, he answered all of them patiently. Aww. Meltzz.  

Having my hair washed at salon was my greatest terror, I hate lying down on the cold hard seats in the neighbourhood salons. However, these seats are of total opposites. Cushy, that's how I would describe them. They were so comfortable!! I was also given a blanket to keep myself warm. Can I stay here forever? The answer is NO.  sigh... How I wish I could. Snap* Back to reality! 

Blow wind blow.  Can’t wait for my new hairstyle. 
This was taken before my bangs were cut. 

During the process of cutting and washing and blowing and cutting, my heart race as I see a new me emerging from the mirror. HEHE. I thought my session has come to an end when he stopped snapping my hair. However, I was proved wrong.

Louie: "How do you wish to style it?"
(What?! Style my hair?!)
Me: You are gonna style my hair? (I think my eyes are shinning when he told me that.)
Louie: Yes. So, how do you wish to be styled?
Me: I don't know leh. Why not you surprised me. 

Yeap. He did surprised me. I never thought it's curls!!! I was so excited that I could not sit still. I always wanted to perm my hair, I wanted to try something new all this while. However I was too coward to give it a try. It was really beautiful. I wanna said I love it in Korean but he stopped me, cause it will be too mushy for me to direct translate love into Korean. Hahaha. I think we have culture difference. (Is that how you say it?) 

I super love my hair then. Unfortunately, those curls doesn't last long. It was gone by now. :(

Here’s the man behind my beautiful new hair, Director Louie Ahn. I actually spent 20 minutes to persuade him to take this photo with me. Thank you Louie for being so kind. You look awesome Louie!

Thank you, the team from Salon B for my flawless hair and your warm hospitality! The experience with them was marvellous. 

You can definitely trust their stylist as they not only have rich experiences to offer you a variety of style and at the same time they have great taste that make you love yourself even more! Of course, not to mentioned their professionalism in their respective areas reassure that you are in your best shape! Lastly, you can feel their friendliness, sincerity and meticulous in giving advices on the suitable hairstyle in satisfying your needs. 

Do consider having your hair done at Salon B! I guarantee that there won't be any disappointments. I have chose Salon B as I have faith and confidence in them to bring out the best me, and so should you! 

About Salon B

We believe in providing a relaxing a luxurious experience for all our clients. The salon revolves around a lifestyle concept, with plush couches, complimentary refreshments and free WiFi for clients to enjoy while waiting.

You can check out their service menu and book your next appointment here! 

Proudly sponsored by LookBooker Singapore. 

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