Just Saying.

I am losing concentration these days. It's seems like my attention span has decreased to a pathetic 5 mins. Things feel so boring and unappetising to me these days, I can't stop thinking about Christmas, holidays, vacation, work, money, anything else but no study. 

I really do wonder what's wrong with me. Its has been 3 weeks since school term starts and I have yet recover from my holiday symptoms. Horrible. I need to get myself pump up. Assignments are piling up each day and with my attitude now, I can foresee my grades to plunge like a waterfall. Honestly, I have already screwed up 2 of my assignments and I can't afford to screw up anymore. 

Classes have been pretty boring for me, news writing, new reporting, totally not my cup of tea. I am struggling to go school everyday. I can't help it, I just could not get excited over school. Definitely, I understand that I am required to finish up my last lap no matter what. I just have to make thing get moving. I do not know how, but I just need to.

Feeling like a fish out of water, is the other reason why I am struggling to go school. This semester seems to be a little suffocating. I am feeling pretty out of place, having no similar topics with many of my classmates. It's probably just me? I am not too sure. After getting together with Ling Ci, I feel that my world has got slightly smaller. Honestly, I am not blaming her or what, I do cherish her as my friend. Just, it's hard for me to get along with my previous group of people after Chen Lin has get along with them. I rather stay away with people that I ain't fond of than thinking what I should say to her. I hate being fake to people and of course, I hate it when people treat me that way. Hence, I conclude to stay away from her. 

Well, I think I have to make do with whatever I have and with now. It doesn't matter much to me anyway, since I prefer to be alone most of the time. 

Oh well, then I shall get myself start working on my next assignment. I cannot afford to screw any more assignments from now on. 


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