Back to School Series: What's your personality?

According to Isabel Briggs Myers, there are 16 types of personalities. It is said that one life and work is determined and sway by one's personalities. Many of us, like myself, are unsure of our own personality. I have been confused for years if I am an extrovert or introvert. And, I have found my answer using 16 Personalities.

Take the TEST.

You are required to finish up 4 pages of questions. You may think it too much, but I took less than 5 mins to complete. 

An overview of your personality. You can keep a copy of your results by having them to send you an email.

INFP: Introvert, Intuitive, Feelings, Presopecting

A detailed Personality. 

In fact, there are many Personality Test available on the internet. However, I prefer 16 Personalities. The very first reason is that the layout is appealing and looks credible. Second, they provide detailed explanations and insights of your personalities by providing a general analysis on your strengths and weaknesses, career path, friendship, relationship.

On the other hand, I feel that it can add more photos to enhance the overall layout. I tend to get a little exhausted reading words, being a pictorial person, I can understand better with illustrations. So, if you were to be like me, you will need to bear with the wordy results. 

I do not know how accurate the test can be, however, I am pretty impressed the results given. Indeed, many identified personalities are true. But, I do not know how true or accurate are the suggestions or solution given by them. Hence, I suggest to treat this as a reference. 

I would rate it 9/10. Pretty impressive.

I have already got my test. Judge it yourself! 
Get your personality Tested today!

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