I know this doesn't really apply to most students in SINGAPORE, cause many of you are in the midst of school term. But hey! I am not the most students in Singapore. Well, in polytechnic this is when school is starting soon. Freshies listen up, in school will start in less than a month and you guys will be attending orientation real soon! Are you even prepared for a new form of lifestyle? 

So here are some survival tips for you! 

Join Camps!
Camps like Freshman Orientation Camp and Faculty Camp can mean a lot to you. By making new friends, you can adapt to a new environment more easily because friends will be there as an emotional support for you. It will be nice if you could be acquainted with the seniors from your course you are in, seniors will be able to give you insider information and provide you tips for your modules. 

Poly is a place where you widen your connection of people, so make as many friends as you can, cause you dunno when you will need them. 

Read GUIDE: Managing friendship if you need help in making friends and maintaining existing friendship!

Getting Prepared!
Similar to Universities, there will not be any spoon feeding in polytechnics. Everything is about self-studying, do research and more research. This may sound scary to you if you are clueless about what is going on for you module. So what you need to do is be prepared before school starts. Read up on relevant modules will give you a head start on what going on for your modules, this will help you better understand in class.

Do not slack off your First Year!
The very first mistake that everyone thinks about poly is that: YOU CAN SLACK! If you think that poly is a place where you can slack for all three years you are damn wrong. The thing in poly is that everything counts, your GPA is determined by how well you have done throughout the 3 years for all your modules. If you slack off in year one, you will have a great time for the next two years working real hard to pull your GPA up to 4.0.

Many times your hear people saying that its difficult to find friends in poly. Cause people in poly back stabs each others, are fake, two face and what so ever. Well, don't be naive. Its really common to see these people everywhere not just poly. But what you need is real friends, these group of people allow you to rely on them, will lend you their notes when you lost or missed lessons, will give you a helping hand when your GPA falls, and will never leave you at all cost.

And I am really blessed to have them in my life. <3

Control yourself
Is all about self control in poly life. Is true that your lecturers don't care about whatever you are doing in class. However, this just means that no one is gonna be by your side nagging at you for homework, to wake up anymore. So, it all about self-control

Don't be shy. Just ask
Its all about taking the initiative in poly, need to clear any doubts, just ask. Lecturers are not gonna spoon feed you, if you have any question don't be shy. You paid school fees, so use your lecturers to the maximum!

Find your STUDY SPOT
Yes, you need to find a study spot in school. Cos sometimes students in poly have long breaks in between lessons. And these breaks can be as long as 3-4hours long or even longer. So its very important to find the right study spot. As a Ngee Ann student, I chose Makan Place. Yes, its true that its hard to find seat during lunch hours and is freaking noisy. But I can get all necessities like food, water and even electricity for my coms and phone.

These are just some of my tips lah. if you need more tips do check out these website for poly survival guides~


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