Degree or Experiences? I choose the latter.


In less than 2 months, I will be doing internship, after which I will be out of school. Standing on the junction of my life, I have problems deciding if experiences or graduation certificate is important in the long run. Under Singapore condition, certificate seems to be the icon to better paying jobs, or work opportunities. However, graduating with just a certificate couldn't bring you anywhere, why not up your game plan and bring work experiences in?

How can Intership help you?

Just a month ago, I was briefed by my lecturers on my internship, many of my course mates are a little upset that we do not have the power to decide on our successful internship. I too get a bit disappointed about the decision made by our lecturer. After a thorough thought, I changed my point of view, every internship be it I like or not, paid or free, its a good experience to learn from.

Of course it will be better if I can get a internship in Singapore under a company that I enjoy being with, but being in that doesn't mean that you won't be able to gain experiences from a company that you dislike working with. As life is never smooth sailing, even if you manage to secure a job that you enjoy, you will still face certain things that you dislike. On top of that, internship improves your industrial skills and gain experiences from working with people.

Even though I may not be able to choose my internship company, I am allowed to choose the industry! Totally fine with that, as I hope to use my internship period to find out if that path of career is something I would like to continue. It's definitely better to learn that lesson during your six months internship than full-time employment.

Do you know Singapore internship helps you to open the industry's door? Your co-worker or job lead may be impressed by your wonderful performance during internship and write a wonderful recommendation letter or even offers you a full-time contract with the company! Who knows what kind of surprises your internship can give you! The moral of the story: Don't discount internship, even if its unpaid. 

You will be missing a whole lot if you didn't think twice about the internship. I hope you do know that each internship is different and of course, so does the experience. What I really like about internship Singapore is that they are everywhere! What's more is that there are even websites like where you can find your ideal internship. So, stop detesting internship already.

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