Being Imperfect is Perfect.


I was brought up in a typical, conservative Asian family, since young my parents has set extremely high standards and expectation on me. They pushes me to ace in all my subjects, if I fail to do so, I would receive harsh punishments from them. Brought up in such an environment, its hard not to cultivate the perfectionist in me.

Through the years, I struggled. It's impossible to be perfect in everything, we are humans! I doubt there is anyone who are born perfect or even born great in everything. Please tell me if you find one, I would love to interview that perfect boy/girl. Really. Not joking. *insert* Serious face. 

So yup, I struggled to be perfect and because of that I fell into the world of negativity. Confidence, Courage and Creativity juices just left me one by one, it felt like I am the biggest loser on Earth during that period of time. It's really hard for me to pull through that period, as many other negative things are going on at the same time. 

I flooded my pillows almost every night knowing that I won't be able to be perfect. It was a tiresome thing to do, you see, so I stop flooding my pillows after 3-4 months? Not too sure who gave me the path of light, I realised being imperfect is also a form of being perfect. 

It was during one of my national music examinations, I didn't managed to perfect my pieces and felt really depressed after. You know what, I ain't alone. Some of my peers are even more depressed than I do, during the period of mass depression, all of us hold onto each other, giving each other encouragement and so on. 

That, warm my heart. I may have imperfection in my pieces, but I have made the perfect choice to befriend the bunch of folks who went through the thick and thin with me. While I was caught up with the imperfect, I have been missing out a whole lot in life. 

Instead of being caught up with the imperfection we have, look around yourself, you can spot numerous perfections around you. 

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