Better Life: Be Productive and Get Things Done!


Are you getting off track into your social media world, or just couldn't stay focus at work? Well, you are not alone, I have been through that too! I do agree that staying on the productive track is not easy, but how can we actually force ourself into this miserable track and get things done? 

Rest and Rise Early.
Ever had the feeling of getting not enough sleep? I feel you, it awful. Lack of sleep makes you stupid, fat, and even kill your brain cells. Not funny. For myself, I find it pretty pointless to keep on working when my brain isn't functioning anymore. When things like this happened I will choose to turn in over working on my projects. 

Sometimes work can get a little overdose that you really have to complete the work, so my suggestion is wake up real early. Like 3am or even 4am in the morning to get your things done! I have done that before during my major exams, surprisingly I have studied a lot more compared to the night before! 

Are you on Facebook or YouTube now? Yes. My Facebook is sitting right at the top of the browser now. I find it harder and harder not to have this particular and addictive tab off my browser as I grow older. So you can actually set Firewall on your browser to help yourself stay away from the distracting social media. 

Goals and Be Discipline. 
Probably one of the most duh tips here. You know it, but you just fail to be do it. You just have to get things started! 

What will you do to keep your productivity running through the day? Share with me in the comment box below! 

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