Stand A Chance to win Golden Key!


The first Southeast Asia Trick Eye Museum is going to celebrate its first year anniversary this coming Friday, 19 June 2015! Since its opening, Trick Eye Museum Singapore as been well-loved by the locals and the tourists and a special event - "Grab the key, it's not a trick!" will be held to thank all the supporter for their love.

What's so Special? 

Even if you haven't been to the Trick Eye Museum before, you would have know that the iconic Trick Eye Sculpture. That's right, the Giant Baby situated right at the entrance of the museum. So this 8 foot tall, 12 foot wide Giant baby have decided to captivate 10 Golden Keys this time. (Phew*He finally realised captivating humans aint fun- if you have read my visit to trick eye museum you will understand this inside joke.) 

So Humans! These 10 Golden Keys (Real gold, not kidding) weighing 3.75grams, worth $300, each will be given out to 10 lucky winners! 

How do I win myself the Golden Key?

1. Simply head down to Trick Eye Museum this coming Friday, 19 June 2015. 
2. Snap a photo of yourself at Trick Eye Museum, and upload it onto social media. That will grant you lucky key to open up the cage. 
3.  Successful attempt to open up the cage. Congratulations to you, you have won yourself a GOLDEN KEY

Other than the iconic golden key, you can get gather your creative juices and design a tote-bag at the Design-it-yourself corner at the museum. It's totally FREE! 

Exclusively for purchasing ticket online. 

Quote [TrickEyeMuseum] when cart out to enjoy a special 15% discount off regular-priced tickets. Book your tickets now.

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