Better Life: Kindness Starts from Me and You.


Do you remember this Advertisement that went viral? When I first watched this advertisement, I couldn't stop my tears from streaming down my cheeks. Totally touched and moved by it. It is an emotive short film by The Singapore Kindness Movement that deals with themes of simple acts of kindness that lead to intergenerational bonding. 

Speaking of kindness, speaking of care, have you encountered people not being appreciative with the work you have done? or have you ever encountered the simplest thing of "thank you" after the phrase "excuse me"? 

Remember when I was a kid, my parents are really strict and particular about my manners. A request comes with a "please" and ends with a "thank you", I was brought up in an environment that one should be appreciative towards other's work. I thought everyone will be the same as I do, where 'please', 'thank you' are a package. But I was wrong and I stopped adding the 'thank you' at the back as I grew older. 

After I graduated from Secondary school, my very first vacation job was to be a server in a FnB industry. If you didn't know, FnB is really tiring. Why? Your managers will always expect you to do the right things at the right moment, and nothing should go wrong. They expect that it is your job that you have to get things done. You know what. It sucks to work in such an environment when everyone is so demanding and doesn't even appreciate a single shit you have done. So I kept on changing an FnB outlet to work at. 

Finally, I found the right one. I realised, there isn't anything much different from any other FnB outlets. The managers are demanding too, but that one little thing that the place the perfect working environment for me. It's the simplest word 'Thank you for your hard work, let's call it a day.' Its so soothing to hear that word after a long tiring day dealing with endless of customers. 

That's when I realised, its really easy to make someone's day. So my magic words came back to me. In fact, being appreciative makes me a lot happier than before! 

Indeed. You don't have to spend a lot to make someones day. It's about how you can be considerate about other's help, give a helping hand when you can. It's the simplest thing that can bring a smile on someone else's face.

Of course there are other ways too! Check out the list below (Source: 

1. Please and Thank You’s
Basic manners are almost obsolete when people are either stressed or in a hurry trying to keep up with the hustle and bustle of life. Be sure to say thank you the next time someone holds the door open for you as remembering to extend politeness is an efficient way to appreciate the actions of a stranger.

2. Drop a Dollar or Two
Remember the feeling you get when you find money? It makes you feel lucky and cheerful that you were the one to find it. Try leaving behind a dollar or two on the table before you leave the hawker centre. You might just have thrown more than a little luck across someone who was having a bad day.

3. Compliments
Everyone could do with a little encouragement to feel better about themselves. Give a compliment about a waiter or sales assistant that assisted you to their manager. After all, a sincere appreciation is much more elating when it comes from a stranger.

4. Give Up Your Seat
Common civility obligates us to give up our seat to those who need it more. A student with a heavy backpack could be yearning for a seat in a crowded train or bus. So, go the extra mile by giving up your seat to someone, not just for those it is specially reserved for.

5. Smile
It may only take a few muscles to smile but never the underestimate its impact. Share a smile with a stranger. It could be with someone who walks the same route as you or those who often go unnoticed, such as cleaners.
Now, it's your turn to spread the kindness around you. #bethetrendstarter. 

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