Domino Christmas Celebration: 50% off All Pizzas!

Last Monday evening, I attended Domino Christmas Celebration Party together with a group of lifestyle bloggers organised by The Influencer Network (TIN). The christmas-y atmosphere, challenging christmas theme games with delicious food prepared by Domino is definitely a great kick start to this festive season.

The first challenge was to decorate a "Christmas Tree" whereby we have to hang the given items onto  the handsome guy over there.  We kept on wrapping and hanging. 

Pardon my face. haha. This show that I am doing my job very seriously! 

And so this is our "Christmas Tree!" 

Yup, It time for dinner. But first let me take some photos! Hot and sizzling pizzas freshly made in the kitchen. Excellent service from Domino! A full 5 Stars for ya! wink*

Dominos, Dominos, fifty percent off.
All pizzas, all pizzas, fifteen minutes out, hey!
Dominos, Dominos, fifty percent off.
Oh what fun, we have fun, thank you from our hearts!

**to be sung to "jingle bells" tune.

Yup, to hype up this festive season, Domino is now having a 50% OFF for ALL pizzas. How wonderful! 
This promotion is only valid for Take-Away or Dine-in at all Domino’s stores from 1st December 2014 to 11th January 2015.

Merry Christmas !

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