My stomach fluttered the night before, my blood pressure was pumped to the maximum even before it has all started. I stuttered as I tried to introduce myself and it was my first time in my life I experienced sweaty palms.

It was my first time being a tour guide. 

Yup, you didn't see it wrongly, I was a tour guide for a day. Not a normal one, not a tour guide to some locals, not a tour guide to some nationalities that I could communicate well with. I was a tour guide to a bunch of 17 years old Japanese students. At first, I was still wondering if I could accomplish my work for the day. In fact, I was pretty worried that they would not be able to understand. However, I was relieved that they do know simple English. Phew! 

Half of the time, I was trying Google Dictionary, gesture, a mixture of Japanese that I have learnt from anime or on to spot with English. Usually, it will take an average of 15 minutes for me to convey my message over to them. I was so afraid that they would lose their patience with me, but it was of a total opposite. That, has made me love them even more! <3 

Having Llao Llao with them! They love it! Great self-satisfactory that they enjoyed eating them! HEHE

With Megumi

With Natzu

Having dinner at Albert Food Centre, Mai and Natzu is so cute. A blur woman photobomb. >"<

Megumi, Yuriko, Kazu and Ryohei. 

Before we say goodbye. Sob* I missed them. 

I survived my day. I made 6 new friends. I miss them dearly. I wanna meet up with them soon!!

Moral of Wabbithan story: 

It was not my first time being a tour guide in Singapore, however, it was a whole new level of experience. The challenge that I face was language. Honestly, I felt that language would be the NO.1 factor to be a tour guide. However, being at the other ends, I was worried and panic that I would ruin their wonderful trip in Singapore. 

I have learnt a lot during my day as a tour guide: 

1. Being honest with your participants are important, that will build a bond between you and them. 
2. Be sincere.
3. Try your best, because people can tell if you have done your very best. They wouldn't blame you.
4. Be punctual. 

I would want to take up this job again even if it was a huge challenge for me. 

Signing off,

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