10 Important Reminders for New Year


It's a new year eve, the streets are pack a joyous event where a brand new year is about to start in less than 1 minutes. I have seen many status on Instagrams and Facebook, an essay long of looking back blog posts. I think its important to look back, think a bit and reflect on what have gone wrong and done well for 2015. 

So, after a long reflection throughout the day, here's a reminder for myself in 2016. Probably you can take it as a reference? Or maybe you can improvise on it. :) 

Things are forever changing. 

It's a given fact that, you know things change over and over again. Be it friends, family or even yourself. Nothing is permanent. It's important to be open minded, and embrace the changes around us. 

Productive Lazy Days.

There is this saying in Mandarin : 休息是為了走更長遠的路, it means The purpose of resting is to travel a longer distance. ( I know its a direct translate, judge all your want) We need these Lazy Days to charge up ourselves and reflect, so Productive Days can be even more productive. Make sense? 

Surround yourself with the right people. 

Many should have already heard of this like probably ten thousands times: "Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see the greatness within you, even when you don’t see it yourself." Yes. Keep that in mind. wink*

Being successful is subjective. 

I would say that I haven't been successful this year, not because, I didn't get rich nor gain recognition internationally. It's just, I haven't been hitting my goals that I have set 1 year ago. Success is all about your achieving your goals and objectives that YOU have planned. 

Be open minded and embrace the differences around you. 

Neve stop learning, even the slightest things that you ASSUME it is that way. The thing is, stop assuming that you have known everything. 

Expect the unexpected. 

My life has never goes has planned, then I fret about this kind of unexpected in my life and get so worried about my future. Thinking back.... Come on man, if life goes as planned I will never learn, I will never have an exciting 2015. So, I will welcome the unexpected, but don't get too overboard. 

Stop being affected by how others judge you. 

People are born to judge no matter what you shapes, sizes, personalities or what not, people judge. Honestly, there is no way to stop them and you have no way to. You are no place on Earth to impress others. You are you. The unique you, no one other person on this earth would be the same as you. 

Don’t let your losses keep you back from new gains.

Yup. NEVER EVER DO THAT. When its time to let go, please do. Cos life is a funny thing, when you loses something, you will definitely gain something back. 

Let others know what you think, but don't force your opinion on them.

This is my greatest issue. I tend to force my opinion on others, which is bad. I will change. I will. 

Feeling scary to jump, that when you need to jump. 

I think its more scary to be stuck in the same place for my whole life. eek. 

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