REVIEW: The secret of looking beautiful like the Japanese ladies (Tokyo Luxey)


Bonjour à tous! (Hi Everyone!)

Do you want to achieve flawless and smooth skin like the Japanese ladies?


Do you care about your health or ever worried about what is going onto your skin whenever you apply your makeup?


Are you a fan of Japan or Japan Cosmetics ?


If you have answered  'yes' to any of it, do continue reading because good stuff is coming your way with the magic of Tokyo Luxey!

So...what is Tokyo Luxey all about? Here's an introduction of it.

"We are a luxe community indulging women around the world with authentic, high-quality Japanese beauty, fashion and lifestyle products. These products include:
Skincare Makeup Hair Healthcare Beauty & Health Foods Apparel 
Rather than simply featuring products, we share videos, tutorials and news related to beauty, fashion and lifestyle trends in Japan. From sharing videos of skincare techniques from famous makeup artists to helping you find the perfect foods to make your skin glow, Tokyo Luxey does everything to help you live a LUXE lifestyle of beauty and confidence.
Tokyo Luxey is here for inspiration, advice and a lot of love! "

It is basically an online shop that carries all highly-raved Japanese products & cosmetics that are not readily available here in Singapore! For someone who have a crazy obsession with high-quality makeup products, of course I have to learn more about it!

On Thursday, vain me rushed down to Tokyo Luxey's event after work @ La Barca Ristorante, an Italian restaurant. (Thanks babe (Zelene) for the opportunity :) )


I reached La Barca Ristorante early so there were still many empty seats.

Soon, the presentation started, with Ms Chie Mada, the managing director, presenting the slides to us.  

Having our dinner while listening to the presenters share about a variety of places that we can visit in Japan, like the onsen (Japanese hot spring) and eating crabs. Thank you Tokyo Luxey for the treat!

The appetiser.
-Oven-baked eggplant with Mozzarella, Parmesan, Tomato sauce and Fresh Basil-


-Chicken with herbs and roasted potatoes-

Finally, the moment arrived while we were served desserts! We were shown beauty products from Japan, ranging from CC cream to lip & cheek tint to even organic carrot juice and organic towel! Imagine my excitement when we were told that we would each walk away with all these goodies! 

  This CC cream evens out skin tone and makes my skin feels smoother.

The LB's eyebrow pencil.
I can't rave enough about how lasting and waterproof it is!
I swatched it on my hand and even after 2 long days, it was still there.

Guess what's this? It's Tenerita's towel made of organic cotton!
Really love how the Japanese put in sooo much effort for the lovely and classy packaging :)

This towel is so soft and luxurious that it feels like clouds or rather, a baby's bottom!
Fun fact:  In Japan, Tenerita's towels and newborn baby wear are often chosen as gifts by celebrities since they do not irritate even the most sensitive skin. The towels are produced by state-of-the-art technology (meaning the highest quality!) and given an authentication of "Global Organic Textile Standard". 

The organic carrot juice that tasted oh so yummy !
-Beta-carotene/ Vitamin A for antioxidant properties to keep 'em wrinkles away. Don't you laugh, because taking care of your skin starts when you are young.
Anyway, I am sure that all of you know Panasonic, the Japanese brand for electronics. In fact, it is a well-known household brand used by most Singaporeans for kitchen appliances and beauty electronics! 

Introducing to you...

Panasonic Eye Warming messager!

To be honest, I have never included any beauty electronics as part of my skincare regime. So it’s definitely time for me to take better care of my face now!

Short Q&A

1) How does the facial steamer help me?

It moisturises your face after a long day and is exceptionally beneficial for people with dry skin.

2) How does the eye messager help me?

If you are someone who sleeps late at night and have puffy or dark eye rings like panda, eye messenger will message the weary areas around your eyes, helping your eye muscles to relax, thus reducing the dark eye circles!

Anyway,  the eye messenger was a huge hit among the girls because almost everyone raised their hands when asked if they want that. However, there were only 10 sets of it! So in the end, we did a survey and the first 10 people who completed it got to choose the product that they prefer! fastest fingers win    * Stop eating Tiramisu and types away on phone*

-La Barca's Traditional Tiramisu-

I got the eye messager! ( Cause' blame it on my bad insomnia. I have been sleeping. I have been sleeping less than 4 hours every day!

Look at my tired eyes! If I have no makeup on,  I am literally a panda. A human panda. How sad, haha. 

Trying on the Panasonic eye messenger for the first time.

Step 1: Filling it up with some water. So that there will be steam when I use it. 
Step 2: Inserting the aroma tablets for a nice lavender scent and better relaxation!

Step 3: Adjusting the temperature and level of vibration.  

Step 4: Letting the eye messager work its magic on me.

If you are wondering... Yes, I fell asleep even though it was evening! The eye messager is just like an "eye spa". Listening to some soothing music while using it will be perfect!

Overall, all the beauty products and makeup are superb, especially the eye messenger! I felt so much refreshed and awakened after using it!   
Will definitely continue to use it to see the best results in the long run. 

If you are interested to get the beauty products, you can check out their website here


Planning to go for a trip to Japan? You have to check this out. (The Japan National Tourism Organisation). They are currently having an amazing travel itinerary + offer. This itinerary is an all-in-one, allowing you to visit the Kinosaki Onsen, savour the best Japanese food and shopping at Don Quijote for beauty products! 

Now, go be beautiful like the Japanese ladies!
(Don’t be fickle-minded because it won’t do you good! You can read about why here!)

Bises <3 (Kisses)


P/s: Sorry for the uneven font size. There seems to be a problem changing it, so I am working on it! Hope you have learnt more about Japanese products/ Tokyo Luxey!

 Rating: 5/5

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