10 Things only Long Relationship Couple Can Truly Understands


A boy and girl met each other in a city. They fell in love, even if they knew they will be parted in a weeks time. This kind of old fashioned long-distance story, NEVER GETS OLD. Relationships can be tough, but with that extra distance it's not just tough, it kills you slowly...

Here are the things you only know if you have ever been into a long distance relationship... 

1. The importance of WhatsApp/Skype/ Technology in other words. 
Technically your gadget is your significant other. The first and last thing you do in your day are to reach out for your phone and text your other half. Skype/ LINE (Depending on what you use)  became your best friend. You are always on webcam be it eating or working, because it is the only way to feel each other presence. 

2. Masturbation or maybe sexting.
Not being able to be together physically does not stop you from getting kinky. But, at the same time it sets you thinking, "seriously.. do I have to do it in this manner?" Oh wells, at the end of the day it just feels good.

3. That love-hate relationship with airports.
Saying good-bye is the toughest thing one can ever have, especially day 0. Being able to spend half a day with your significant one and the remaining alone, that feeling.. it so hard to get by. But, they are too your favourite place. You can totally relate to those romantic scenes where he meets her at the airport, she leaps into his arms.

4. A time-zone expert.
You are just so good at it, that your friends are in awed. Yes, you are so good with it that you don't even have to count.

5. What's sleep deprivation? *shrugs*
Spending long hours late into the night just to talk to your significant half from the other time zone is so common that, sleep deprive is your new best friend.

6. Gets jealous of other couples.
Your jealousy mode is switched on whenever you see couple getting physical in the public. The first instinct is to push them apart. Don't you deny.

7. You are so done with your friends' comments.
"You guys won't make it" or " How do you even manage to get through without being physical?" You are just so done with these comments. SO DONE. *roll eyes*

8. Time is your biggest enemy.
You know that feeling when time passes so sloooooowly when its just 3 days till your next meet and having time to speed up when you actually are together. You understand that time is a total biatch.

9. Selfies.
You take selfies to update each other about your life, and you totally enjoy that moment of 'closeness'.

10. Technically your life is 'Dear John'.
Yes. That lead in Dear John depicts your entire relationship so well that you will be saying 'yes' right from the start of the film.

Even though you missed each other constantly, you know it deep down in your heart that "it will work, distance isn't gonna break us apart."

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