Alone this Halloween? Here 4 things you can do!

Alone for this year's Halloween? Well, it doesn't mean it you have to be alone technically. Get out of the house and enjoy the festive season in some other way! Here's are something that you can do alone or with friends who are not into Halloween.


1. Cirque Du Soleil – Totem

Yes, indulge yourself in the jaw dropping performance as the famous circus troupe returns with a new feast for eyes. One of the highlights that you can expect would be Russian Bar sequence where acrobats bounce from planks just 10cm wide. Featuring a cast of 46 acrobats, actors and musicians from 17 different countries, a production that has traveled 30 cities worldwide and has been seen by over 3.8 million people.

Totem will be running in Cirque du Soleil's trandemark blue-and-yellow Big Top at Bayfront Avenue right opposite to Marina Bays Sands. Due to popular demand the the show has extended by two weeks to 6 December.

For more details: Cirque Du Soleil - Totem


2. Digital Fashion Week.

A fashionista? This would be the perfect event for you! This is the fourth year The DFW Creative team is organizing the Digital Fashion Week. What's so different about Digital Fashion Week compared to the others? Living up to it's name, it emphasizes on online and social media. Streaming live allowing its audience to have the up front row access to Singapore Fashion is the unique selling point of this entire show!

This year's theme is "Asia-Euro Exchange", with a special SG50-themed fashion show catwalk featuring 12 local designers Josiah Chua, Eliza Yeo, Amos Ananda and Afton Chen, working alongside invited designers from MDIS, NAFA and Raffles Design Institute for the opening!

For more details: Digital Fashion Week

3. Subaru Challenge.

For people who just love challenges, its time for you to roll your sleeves up and join this endurance challenge! Its the first time in history that Subaru Challenge is coming back with an extra bonus the Certificate of Entitlement aka the expensive piece of COE paper. \

It get even sweeter going into it's 14th year. The top prize for the competition is a Subaru XV 1.6 I-S worth up to S$115,000 (including COE) in addition with S$5,000 worth of fuel from Shell. Regional contestants will also be eligible for extra cash prizes like S$1,000 for a country winner and S$5,000 for the last standing regional contestant.

Afraid that the haze will affect your condition! Exclusively for this year, the contest will be held in an air-conditional tent. Kindly stop your negative comments, well, its all for the sake of the contestants health. Personally, I don't think MediaCorp is wrong. The show must go on.


Other than going to Zouk for a dance, try EATMEPOPTART happening at Kyo. SInce 2004, POPTART has grown into the longest-running Indie or Alternative Rock night in Singapore that never fails to amazed you.

Loosen up yourself, and unleash that dancer in you at the dance floor with music by anchored resident weelikeme & KiD! 

More details: eatmepoptart

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