Stay confident with Asus ZenFone Selfie.


Earlier this year Asus has announced the launch of ZenFone 2, and just last week Asus has added three other new members into it’s series, ZenFone Selfie, ZenFone 2 Laser and ZenFone Go. While browsing through the phones at the launch in launch, ZenFone Selfie has attracted my attention. Was it because I am a female by nature or the colors just too charming to be resist?
I will leave the other two series for you to Google them, because I feel that I will be rather bias to compare the other two with ZenFone Selfie. Ooops. But oh wells.

Selfies is definitely not something special in our lives. No matter your age range, no matter your gender, selfie is a trend or should I say an everyday life for us. Content sharing apps like Instagram, Vine, SnapChat, and Tumblr are a bunch of apps created for visual animals. It’s really important for content users to produce visually attractive photos to attract or to stand out among the crowd. However, no matter how well your photography skills is, a good camera with awesome functions can save you a lot of trouble!

Credit: ASUS

So, what’s so good about Asus ZenFone Selfie? Comparing to the phone that I am using which is HTC Desire EYE, I would say Asus ZenFone Selfie has a better grip and functions.
Let me just compare it’s front camera, because we usually uses the front camera for selfie isn’t it?

ASUS ZenFone
(Selfie Front Camera)
HTC Desire EYE
(Selfie Front Camera)
13 MP
13 MP
Lens Flare
88 degree wide angle lens
Wide angle lens
Dual LED Real Tone flash
Dual LED flash light
Selfie Panorama
Up to 140 degrees
Macro photography
What is Real Tone flash?
It’s a flash system that balance out your skin tone. We do experience certain situations where the flash like makes your skin either too yellow or too blue, with this Real Tone flash, your skin tone is always to the right tone.

The ZenFone Selfie also includes this wonderful technology called the ZenUI Beautification mode for instant photo editing right at your fingertips. Soften your skin, slim that bloated cheeks, brighten up our skin tone to add vibrancy, in just a few taps. What’s amazing is there are all happening in REAL TIME!

Selfie with your girlfriend in the club or parks can be quite a hassle. The poor lighting can totally ruin the mood for selfie, however, ZenFone Selfie has this technology which can increase light sensitivity up to four times, and capture up to 400% brighter photos and videos! On the side note, don’t expect it to be total perfect. You can still find grains in your photos even with such a technology.

So, try to have a good lighting spot for photos to remove these grains.
Comparing to HTC Desire EYE the one that I am currently using. ASUS ZenFone series provides a lot more convenience to bloggers or influencers like myself who needs to capture the moment. Having the trouble to unlock my photo and search for the apps, has makes me miss several moments. ASUS ZenFone series has totally resolves this situations by adding Zen motion to bring apps out in just one stroke on the screen. For example, to call out your camera, stroke C. For emails, stroke E, you are in total control of the situation.

The ASUS ‪#‎ZenFone‬ Selfie will be available for sale in Singapore from 26 September, and will be priced at S$399. Available in 3 different colours: Pure White, Chic Pink and Aqua Blue.

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