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Admiralty Place
Blocks 678 - 678A Woodlands Ave 6

Are your heartland malls too far from where you stay? Too expensive? Too crowded? There's always a neighbourhood plaza at your service. Last week, Wabbithan visited the Admiralty Place and scouted some neighbourhood gems that I haven't seen them for ages after moving to a new town. 

1. Wet Market. 
Wet market these days are getting harder to survive with the introduction of new grocery concept like supermarket or even online mart like Red Mart. I could foresee the extinction wet market in 20-30 years time. 

I used to dislike wet markets, the smell of the fish, the slippery floor, the stuffy environment, however, as I grew older, I started to appreciate the human touch that only wet markets can give. 

2. Clothing store. 
I always think that neighbourhood clothing store are outdated and are targeted at the gramps. But, I was totally wrong. Without having going to the town area or the nearby heartland malls, I can actually get pretty much fashionable clothing at a lower rate in Admiralty Place! 

3. The 'Neighbourhood drugstore'
Even though there are known drugstore in Admiralty Place, I spotted this Neighbourhood drugstore at on of the corner. Unlike the Watsons these 'branded' drugstore, Neighbourhood drugstore provides a lot more daily necessities from detergents to toiletries, to hair accessories!

4. Shoes.
You will be amazed by the types of shoes KARA has, ranging from work wears, causal footwear, slippers and school schools for people from all walks of life! I suspect that they have more varieties than BATA.They even have school bags for the little ones! 

5. Bakery Store. 
Baker Talents are one of the bakery stalls that spreads all over neighbouring estates. I love to get my breakfast from this Baker Talents, because its cheap and yummylicious! Not just that, it saves me the trouble of squeezing through crowds to grab my bread from the tray myself. Other than Bake Talents, there are 2 more other Bakery Stall available. 

Admiralty Place
Blocks 678 - 678A Woodlands Ave 6
Bus services: SMRT 912, 962, NR2, 912, 913,964,965, 969
MRT: Admiralty MRT Station

HDB Shopping Centres Celebrate Singapore's Jubilee

To celebrate Singapore's 50th birthday, the Housing & Development Board (HDB) is looking to promote the HDB shopping centres around the neighbourhood, inviting all Singaporeans to join the fun - right at their doorstep.
There are THREE activities that are held to celebrate Singapore's Jubilee:

1. Vote for your Top 50 shops

Acknowledging that retailers at the HDB Shopping Centres addresses the needs of the residents while being an important part of the community, HDB will be rewarding these neighbourly retailers for the Top 50 Favourite Shops initiative. 
Starting from 1 July till 31 October 2015, shoppers can nominate and vote for their favourite shop online and stand a chance to win prizes. The Top50 shops will be rewarded with a decal and commemorative plaque for display in their shops as testament of their popularity.

2. #myfavHDBmall Photo Competition

HDB Shopping Centres form an integral part of the residents’ daily lives by being a place for leisure, shopping and community bonding. This competition aims to collect these precious moments that are captured by residents at the 24 participating HDB Shopping Centres. 
Residents can submit their photos online and stand a chance to win prizes worth more than $5,000. The winning entries will also be exhibited at 888 Plaza on 14 November 2015.
Contest and submission details can be found on

3. Enter the Book of Records 
- Largest SG50 Logo using stamps!

To mark the momentous year, an attempt is underway to create the largest SG50 logo made from stamps to set a new record in the Singapore Book of Records! Residents can play their part and donate their used and unused stamps for this record-breaking initiative. 

To participate, residents are to “post” their stamps at the specially designed post boxes at 24 participating HDB Shopping Centres and all submissions will qualify for the Lucky Draw. A total of $2,000 cash vouchers will be up for grabs. The finished masterpiece will be unveiled with great fanfare at 888 Plaza on 14 November 2015. Shoppers can expect an evening of games, activities and snacks.

For more information, visit: many fun activities happening RIGHT IN YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD! Celebrate Singapore's 50th birthday with your family, friends and neighbours at your nearest HDB Shopping Centres' now! 

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