Checking in.

just saying hi, before engulfing you in the apologetic me. totally took an unannounced break off the social media, not to worry, i am neither dead nor kidnapped by depression or what not your imagination can come up with. i was just worn out and in the midst re-finding my direction in life.

many things actually happened while i was away, but lets not bring unhappy memories up for the time being. when the time is ripe i will disclose it to you, but not now. i promised i will so kindly be patient.

anw. first of all for the newbies, it important to know what kind of shit you are getting yourself into. in the coming months you will ride through the happiness train that filled with endless of nonsense and giggles. you may find yourself adjusting to a better life with a series of motivational articles, some student hacks, some reckless behavior encounters, some undefined thoughts that i may have in my mind. so, i hereby welcome you to a fraction of my dear life! :)

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