3 Singaporeans contestants in first season of MasterChef Asia


The first ever time that MasterChef has hit Asia! Three Singaporean contestants will be running to be the winner after MasterChef Asia premieres in 3 September on Lifetime Channel. Being a fan of MasterChef, its thrilling to have them in Asia for the first time. What's more when I can be this near to Audra Morrice! 

The Singapore Representing contestants are: 

Lennard Yeong 27 years old Engineer 

Woo Wai Leong 27 years old Lawyer

Sandrain Tan 41 years old Homemaker

Meet the judges: 

Susur Lee 
From humble beginnings as a 16-year-old apprentice in Hong Kong to his Atlas stride atop the fickle universe of celebrity chefdom, Susur has never deviated from a consuming passion: to create tantalizing dishes that blend textures and flavours in glorious harmony. Balancing the epicurean traditions of China with the classical techniques of French cuisine, Susur improvises a daring and original culinary aesthetic. 
Audra Morrice 
Audra is a cook and a mother, best known as one of the favourite finalists in MasterChef Australia 2012 who produced some of the most consistent and amazing dishes on the show. 

Currently based in Australia, she runs a successful catering business and regular cooking classes in Sydney and Singapore. Audra also has her own televised cooking show, Tasty Conversations and has recently launched a range of food products that are available in Australia and Singapore. Her highly anticipated cookbook will also be launched later this year 

Bruno Ménard 
Bruno was born in France to a family with culinary heritage. His father was a chocolatier and his grandfather, a patissier. He showed a strong interest in cooking at an early age, so his father suggested he take a summer job at a restaurant near his hometown of Tours at the age of 8. 

They will be battling with 15 other aspiring home cooks across Asia. From MasterChef Kitchen to off site and overseas challenges. A total of 15 episode to find who will be MasterChef Asia's first ever home cooking winner! 

 A little fun facts about MasterChef Asia Kitchen: 

The set is over 600sqm. Which is about the size of six five-room HDB flats that you are living in! That's really huge isn't it? In order to assure the safety of the contestants, all contestants are required to wear chef shoes, that have stainless steel tips and slip resistance, in the MasterChef Asia kitchen. 

Remember the first season of MasterChef Asia premiers on Sept 3, 9pm, on Lifetime (StarHub TV Channel 514). 

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