Make Up Store @ Paragon

Hey Gorgeous! 
If you have been following me on my Instagram, you would have already spotted some products that I have posted from Make Up Store @ Paragon. As Autumn has slowly make its way into the calendar, Make Up Store has launched their latest series of product, ICON. 

The products include, eyeshadows, lipstick, contour and brushes. 

ICON Eye Shadows. 

It is expected that the colors used for Autumn scheme to be more dull and tone down. However, it is surprising to have such glamorous effect despite the color scheme. 

ICON Countour. 

Synthetic brushes, have you tried them before? 
Being an animal friendly product, Make Up Store has synthetic brushes part of their new launch! They are amazingly comfortable! 

Other than these new products, I have also got you covered with some other cool items I managed to spot in the shop. 

This is a duo portrait lipstick. The baby pink tinted lipgloss will make your lips kissable in just one stroke! 

Marble Microshadow is specially made to be used any way you like. 
You can pap a little of the colors you like on the shadow palette or mixed them all together and have a color your like! 

Till next time! BYE! 

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