G House


Had dinner at G House in Dempsey (Blk 10) sometime last week with my girlfriends! Totally chilled to be able to have dinner with Janice after a year, definitely the best way to start my break before internship!

It's easy to cast an impression that restaurants in Dempsey are expensive, however, there are some hidden gems within Dempsey that are not under that criteria. Read on if you don't believe.

So, the kind chef actually offered us a complimentary drink/dessert before our appetiser.

Samurai Sake (Complimentary) : Minty, chilly that will freeze your tongue in an instant, the hint of sake gives a really soothing feeling at the back of the throat. If you are a mojito lover like myself, you will love this dessert as much as I do! 

It important to have a good start, and the 3 ambitious kids decide to have King Crab Rillettes,  Pear and Roquefort Tart Salad and Foie Gras as starters. 
King Crab Rillettes ( $8.90) : The picture isn't doing this dish a justice, the tender crab meat has been minced and was covered with a layer of butter to preserved the freshness. Your tongue may be confused the tenderness of the crab meat as tuna!

Pear and Roquefort Tart Salad ($17.90) : Greens lovers would totally be deeply touched by how generous G house is with their greens! This particular dish diligently strike a balance in sweetness with greens and pear. 

 Foie Gras 30g ( $26.70) : G House totally impressed me with their Foie Gras and removed the barrier between my tongue and Foie Gras. Here's a slight elaboration: the kind of taste or odour you get whenever you have intestines or lamb. Yes. It's seriously unbearable for me, however, this exotic food here is free from that! 

By the time we finished our appetiser, I am probably 40% full. But, how can I forgo my main course! 

The Glazed Miso Gindara ($33.90) : The Gindara, also known as cod fish, has a delicate texture where it is firm but yet hard. It's also rich in Omega-3! 

Entrecote Ribeye Steak ($29.90) : Please do not mistaken that as a sunny egg, its butter. A diligent move to use butter to enhance the richness of Ribeye. 

Grilled Spicy Squid ($26.90) : Grilled squid served with a sambal chilli sauce (seen in photo). The grilled squid is really chewy, definitely a taste of sea! The sambal chilli sauce localised this dish! 

Honestly, we are about to explode. But our friendly server recommended us to try the dessert. So, we ordered this little tart. 
Lemon Meringue Tart ($8.90) : It taste a little like lemonade, with a bits of sweetness in the tart and sourness from the lemon flavourings. Ultimately, a great dessert to end the night!

Every Tuesday its Ladies night! All Ladies get to enjoy 50% off the bill after 5 pm! Do you see the great deal as much as I do? 

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