8 Things I Cannot Live Without Now.


Howdy ladies (and gentleman)! 

Our lives has gradually become more and more convenient thanks to the ever improving gadget and development that we have today! Years ago, I was still using my favourite Sony Ericsson to listen to my favourite band songs, but today, Ericsson no longer exist and my old school phone has been replaced by a highly intelligent, Smart phone. Yes, even till today, I can't live without my phone. 

I will not be mentioning anything about my family or friends cos they are given factors. With that, I will split them into three category, Gadget, Make up Products and Beauty.

Under than Cell phone, the other gadget that I can't live without would be earpieces. Yes, basically phone and earpieces comes in a pair. Recently I have gotten this Gazz earpiece from Popular at $29.90 after $10 discount. I tried to search online for some reviews and the only reviews I have was from Naomi, so I decided to bet my money on it. Surprisingly, it wasn't that bad. Honestly. 

It comes with a earpiece pouch and different sizes of ear buds, lastly its PINK! Confession: I only like my gadget or accessories to be pink, nothing else, I swear. The noise reduction is super effective only when you are in a mild noisy area. I would say $29.90 for it, #worthit. 

Moving on... 

4 Beauty products that I have to use almost every single day. The bottom two, yes every day, the top two, urgh.. maybe not. Depends I would say. 

I am a loyal Rexona user and have been using this particular brand since secondary 1. Or maybe secondary 2. Can't really remember, but.. you know what, it just... I have been using for a real long time. That's my point. Love the natural fragrance that Rexona has compared to other deodorants in the market, it's just my own preference. You have the rights to disagree, I have no issues with that. 

The one that I am currently using is Rexona After Shower. It's cheaper to get these glide on ones than the spray ones. #Auntie but who cares. Can't really remember the cost of it as I bought it during promotions, however, its definitely below $7. 

Bioré UV Aqua Essence, is a must whenever I am out of the house. I have been using for quite sometime therefore it's in a bad shape. Once again, just my own preference, I prefer water base products than oil or gel based. My pores dislike the feeling of being breathless and having a sticky later over them. I bought 2-3 tubes of it when I was in Taiwan last year, and this is my very last one. Well, the packaging has changed, but the name remains the same. The last time I checked the price in Watsons it is around @$17.90.  It seems over priced or expensive, however #worth it. Unless your prefer freckles and skin cancer, then you may forgo this product. 

L'Oréal Total Repair, my mane's favourite snack. Totally recommend this product to long hair ladies with dry hair or split ends. Definitely not selling anything, L'Oréal Total Repair nourishes the hair, you will see your hair smooth and shiny after applying it. Usually, I applied it after my bathe, before having a contact with heat, in air conditioning rooms. Pour about the size of a 50 cent coin, and apply only at the ends. Again, I can't remember the price. Sorry pals. 

Hada Labo Gokuiyun Moisture Milk its to pamper my skin. I am a complex skin person, it really hard to get products that are suitable for my skin types. For my case, my skin is very sensitive and it kinds has extremes ends for dryness and oiliness. I just find that Hada Labo suit my skin type really well, it doesn't get really oily at nose area after sometimes, at the same time it allows the dry parts to be moisturise. That's the Batam version, if you would like to get one yourself its available in Watsons or Guardian at $27.40, I am not too sure about other locations, probably NTUC Fairprice? 


NARS has become one of my favourite product ever since last month. I love the texture of the lipstick, it isn't too thick when apply. Some of you may hate the fact that it is not quite long lasting, on the other hand, I love it despite the fact that I have to keep on applying. Well, It simply means it's less harmful to my lips. #alwayslookonthebrightsideoflife. Yay! It was a lucky giveaway during an event months back, so I am unsure of the price. 

ZA Eyebrow pencil. I got this during Wastons promotion at $9.90, it is half the original price. OMG, I am such a cheapo. Going for cheap things. But that's how you save isn't it? Stop judging, I don't believe you don't have such auntie or cheapo moments. This is something I seriously can't live without, cos technically speaking I am 'browless'. My brows are in scares that, it's almost invisible. Eyebrow pencil is my life saver to giving my brows a life. Yes, that's how pathetic my brows are. 

So now, share with me what are the things you can't live without in the comments below! Till next time. :D

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