Get paid to Shop with Beautiful.Me

Don't doubt that title, it states what it meant. Yes! It's not an early April's Fool's joke.

It's not a challenge to find a person who loves shopping, but its a challenge to find online shopping club that actually pays you for what you buy! If you are thinking of some mysterious shopper thing, well, kindly throw that idea away.

I hereby introduce you this brand new Singapore based e-commerce shopping platform, being the Asia's Premier online shopping club you will be able to excess to more than 5,000 beauty, body and baby products from 300 top global brands that includes SKII, L'Oréal !

From now till 26 Aug 2015, sign up on Beautiful.Me and you can get your membership waived for the first six months! If you think that's all you have got, you are so damn wrong! Upon your sign-up, refer as many as your friends to sign up for the free membership and you’ll unlock more perks.

Yes by inviting 5 friends you will be rewarded one full year of free membership and an early excess to the beta launched of! By referring another 5 more friends you will be rewarded with a share of up to $800,000 cash rebate! How awesome to be able to earn just by referring to your friend? 

If you are a lazy yet impatient shopper like myself, then you would love the in-a-day-to-the-doorstep delivery services!

Join me as Angle Ambassador today! 

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