A little update.


I am finally back onto this space after being missing for almost 2 weeks. Thank you for being so kind to me even after going missing in action for that long. If you are a follower of my Instagram, you would have already noticed that I went to the land of Dim Sum for 2 weeks and finally am back.

Nothing much about that particular Hong Kong trip since I went there to study and complete a final year project. What I dislike about this trip will be having restrictions and the ability to choose, such rules should be abolished. Well, I totally wished to drop this topic, I don't have much wonderful memories in Hong Kong. 

After I have returned home, my nightmares begin. All the ingredients gathered in Hong Kong are all ready to be cooked and baked into a delicious e-book. In addition to the e-book, I have other assignments that are required to complete.

Right now, I have finally settled 80% of my assignments and can have a little more time to spare. I will give my very best to update this space as soon as I am free from those assignments. I have a few things coming up for you. Some of them includes: 

1. Getting paid to work. 
2. In Trim Review
3. Vlog

Stay tune! Happy National Day! 

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