Build memories with White Sands.


I never knew this Shopping mall located at the far east of Singapore, until I started my secondary education, and of course, when I moved to the North east. 30 minutes ride from home to white sands, seems like the best option for me to chill in their library and snack here and there at the ground floor. 

Initially, I don't really like White Sands, since there is nothing else other than the library. But, about 3-4 months ago White Sands decides to give itself a revamp and my purpose to Whites Sands has gradually extended from Library to dining, to shopping and to enjoying life. 

Being just a shopping center providing the daily necessity is not enough, White Sands have come out with great services to accommodate families with children and bad weather days with baby strollers and umbrellas. 

I believe that youngsters who used to avoid going to White Sands will start to gather up there. Why? Cause there will be wonderful and interesting things lining up just for you. 

Going down to central area for flees are seriously too far, especially kids like myself who hates to spend time on travel can have an alternative! 

White Sands will be having Carboot Sales and Flee market sales this September! Check out the poster below for more details! 

Other than flee, you can enjoy movie under the stars too! How romantic right~~

From 29th June to 28th July, Cookhouse By Koufu is bringing you a $1 Weekday Special Promotion whereby you can enjoy a "Weekday Special" meal worth $5 or more for only $1!! 

Let me tell you some of my memories that I have build after the newly revamp White Sands, so you can have a taste of what it's like to be there! 

I love vegetables, cos helps to cleanse more body and of course make me fuller faster. I was extraordinary excited when I found this salad stop (not really a salad stop) at White Sands. 

Yumzz. Isn't it? This mouth watering salad doesn't comes from a salad specialised stall, but from The Soup Spoon Union. Well. You may have heard of The Soup Spoon, but definitely not the one with the UNION behind. Since The White Sands is the only one that has it!

Not just Salad, at the Soup Spoon Union, you can get the Grill as well. :D Something like Astons but not totally. 

                    Grilled Chicken in House Gravy and Soupergrain Quinoa Cauliflower Rice ($8.80)

Flank Steak Combo with New Zealand Grass-Fed Beef, Sausage and Pasta in Japanese Curry sauce ($16.80)

Grilled Salmon and Portobello Mushroom ($16.80)

Of course, there is a reason why its call the Soup Spoon. Soo, Soup are also available!! 

B.F.F. Stew (Beets, Fennel & Feta Cheese) 

Home-Style Cock-a-Doodle Soup!

"Perth" soup (Aussie Barramundi Chowder with Dill)!
These limited edition soups are only available at The White Sands. So you have to travel down to Pasir Ris to enjoy them alright! 

Moving on to 

So what kind of memories are you going to build with White Sands? 

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