In a Foreign Land.

Another life updates of myself, please bear with me as I have a few things to say. Hahahha. I sounded so formal, oh wells. 

If you are already following my Instagram, you should have already known I am out of Singapore and went to a foreign land. 

 If you are thinking of Hong Kong, you are absolutely correct! I come here for two purposes:

1. Study
2. Project

I would say this is definitely a great exposure for a media student like myself to work in an environment that I am totally unfamiliar. Its a whole new experiences when people from Hong Kong lend a helping hand to my team and I, making new friends has up a new level. Yay! 

If you happen to be from Hong Kong, kindly be nice to me if you see me around Kowloon and do agree to do some voxpop with my team! Greatly appreciate the help! :D 

In less than 9 hours, I will be roaming around Wanzai to do some interviews for 1 July March, so please don't be shy and help my team alright! Do drop by Hennessy road if you happen to pass by that area, I promise to speak in Cantonese. :D 

Lastly, I will signing off here! See you tomorrow. ( I am actually excited to see the demonstration tomorrow!) 

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