High-paying Part Time Jobs

A continuity from my previous post on Degree and Experiences. 

I do not know what do you consider internship as, but for myself I perceive them as part time jobs Singapore opportunities.  Part time jobs for students in Singapore tends to be less high paying jobs, on average $10/hr. In fact, it's actually not that hard to find High Paying jobs in Singapore. Take a look at the list below: 

Many of my friends who have graduated from Junior College or under-graduate choose to be a tutor to earn fast money. On average, an under-graduate with a A level certificate is able to earn at least $25/hour. 

If you are a multilingual, or proficient in at least 2 languages, be a Translator! The pay is nearly or even higher than a tutor gets! 

Travel Agent. 
If you love to meet new people and travel around the world, Travel Agent may sounds like the best option for you. Travel Agents income is highly based on their commission, but before that you will need to get a license. 

Editors/ Writers.
Being a freelance editors who work from books, to magazine, to websites, to newspapers, can earn an approximate $40-$60/hr. You can even choose to be paid according to project base too! Being a freelance editors allows you to set your own rates too. How cool!

Web Designer.
A good friend with HTML and CSS, a Web Designer part time job in Singapore may get you high paying jobs. “Designers with strong portfolios can make incredible money, particularly if they team up with small website marketing firms that build/maintain websites for small- and medium- (sized) businesses,” Lindenmuth says.

If you do realised, jobs that requires "brain" usually offers a slightly higher pay, then physically-oriented jobs. Part time jobs in Singapore is just seriously cruel, as we deem the values of our certificate, its no wonder that jobs that requires more brain works offers higher salary. 

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