Howdy! It's another brand new week, and I am back onto my blog. I know been a little inactive on almost all my social media status, I really sorry about that. School was a lot more hectic and tedious than I actually expect it should be. 

It's like assignments after assignments, sometimes I feel am suffocating. I am really upset and disturbed by this 'phenomenon', all the assignments probably has pushed me to be emotionless and cold towards my surroundings. Relationship between humans has become a minority in my life, school and work has totally over power what I always value the most. Sometimes I feel like forgetting everything, and do what I actually value the most. 

Totally feel that I am parting with my dreams, it makes me feel sad. Is this really what I want? Will I be able to get close with my dreams after I graduate? Or, will the society forces me to work for what it wants and drive me further away from what I wanted. 

Well. We will have to see I guess. If you are also facing the same trouble as I am, a word for you: hold onto your dreams as tight as possible, take a little step at a time to secure that dream. 

Do come back tomorrow for the next post on A Better Life! 


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