A Better Life: Sell your strengths to a interviewer in 5 steps!


Many times we fail our interviews wasn't because of our talents but the way we presented ourselves during the interview session. In order to succeed  interviews, we have to think about how we can play our strengths and weaknesses to our greatest advantage, without lying or saying the obvious. I used to think it was impossible to show my strength in an impressive manner. But... after years of crashing against the wall, I found it. 

If you are thinking about what the company needs, I am telling you now, STOP. That's not what you need to think of now. Take a piece of white paper, think about what you have done, from reliable ones to the problem solving ones, pen the strengths down on the paper. Then from there pick a few from that pool, always think about the skills and strengths you have. What the company wants its not a pleaser, so don't just show the side where you think the company needs. You never know your other strengths may surprise them. 

Get feedbacks. 
Ask around! Be it friends or family, ask them about your strengths. Sometimes you may be surprised by how they see you! Most of the time, we place high expectations on ourselves that we become blinded by our own strengths! 

Which one should I take? 
Stare into that piece of paper again, looking at the pool of strengths, choose up to 5 strengths that can differentiate yourself from the others. Not recommended to show off the "frequently used" strengths, naming a few like positive, determination. You could try to alter or try using other descriptive words like: optimistic, task oriented. Of course, having an example would make you differentiate yourself from the others too! 

Crafting stories ain't my niche, but I love listening to stories. Yes! Human beings love to butt our nose into other people's life and we love stories! This is the time where you think about the company's values and how your strengths fit the company. It's no doubt that your interviewers want to know about your professional experiences, but don't leave your personal experience out of the story. They are interested about your personality and your personal life too. 

Be Proud! 
Strengths a not something you should be ashamed off! Be proud of your strength, but I am not telling you to be stark up. Tell your interviewer your strengths in confidence, and back them up with relevant experiences, I am sure you will be fine! 

There isn't a shortcut in finding your strengths. It definitely requires you to think deep and question yourself about how you can fit your strength to the applied job. Cocky won't get you anywhere, instead, be confident in presenting yourself, put a smile on your face and show exactly what you want to tell your interviewer. You will be fine. 
All the best for your interview! 

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