Flu came knocking on my door.

We have the fruits seasons, whether seasons, fashion season, and it is not surprise that we have flu seasons too. Recently, my faculty has been hit by the unwelcome flu season. Almost everyone is down with the cold and cough. 

Born with a weak body, flu virus came to say hi to me. My stupid buddy (immune system) doesn't seems to know how to shove the unwelcoming guest off. Flu has been making a mess of my buddy's house for nearly two weeks, I wouldn't be this annoyed if flu were to come and go. 

Went to visit the doctor twice, trying my best to recover from this annoying flu seasons. Totally disturb and hate flu, its hard to concentrate when I am down with flu. Many things are currently on hold all thanks to the unwelcome guest. 

*pray* Recover please. 

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