Lush Aesthetic: LED Teeth Whitening Review

Appearance never fails to be the essential elements to first impression. In my opinion, your teeth matters the most. The colour of you teeth determines almost everything in your first impression, don't you agree with me? 

Everyday, I consume large amount of food from curry to coffee to carbonated drinks and these actually stain my teeth! Eww. What a disturbing sight to see yellow stains, especially when I am conscious about my appearance. 

It was like a heaven's gift when Lush Aesthetics gave me the opportunity to whiten my teeth. LED Teeth Whitening - issit safe? My inner safety manager is very consent about this matter. I am yearning for pearly white teeth, at the same time, I wouldn't wish to lose my teeth. So I went on to find my best friend, Google. 

Here are some of my findings:

Whitening Products contains hydrogen peroxide. 
Indeed, to a certain extend hydrogen peroxide exist in many whitening products. However, Lush Aesthetics doesn't even have one in them. You can stay calm and relax as they do some magic on you. 

You can get professional whitening effect at beauty clinic.
Like Lush Aesthetic, the staff are professional and well trained to handle your teeth. Well, you can get your teeth whitening at dental clinics as well. But according to my source, dental clinics are more expensive and the results are nearly the same.

Warm welcomed by the Lush's staff and was being ushered into a room. There I was brief about what I am about to expect, and of course find out my teeth shades. Even though I have already did my homework, I still throw all my doubts and questions at the staff. She is really patient with me, explaining every single detail.

So... I went into the lab (its a room).

Let me educate you: That's a mouthguard. It's purpose is to prevent your mouth from closing. Well, I was told that it can get quite uncomfortable. As told, I felt a little uncomfortable, and it got worst. 2 round of 20 minutes treatment, with a mouthguard forcing your lips open. It felt like a day. But, I do suspect that my mouth cavity is born small. IF your mouth cavity is of average size, I don't think you will experience what I have. (Honestly, it's bearable. I am just being a princess)

The results was alarming. I actually jumped 18 shades! Don't get too excited first, let me add some disclaimer here and there: The Results Vary From Person To Person. Totally depends on the condition of your teeth.

If you are up for the treatment, do take note that strong coloring food are to be avoided at all cost! Better not risk your teeth to something too cold and too hot as well! 

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