A Better Life: Envious, Jealousy.


It's a start of a new week, maybe not that new, but it's still Tuesday so just treat it as new. A new week means new chances. Even if you made a serious mess last week, here's another shot to do it again, and you know you will do it better! 

I think. As woman (and welcome men if you are reading too), we are born to compete with each other don't you think so? As far as my memory can bring me back, I was told by a teacher, 'Write like Celine.' and subconsciously I thought, 'Celine is doing better than me, I have to write like Celine'. Like a spoilt radio, it stuck. 

If we were to look back, there are tons of moments in our lives where we place ourselves next to another person. All of a sudden, it makes us feel less or even insignificant. 

Why do we need to do that? Even if someone else or even someone close to you are doing well, doesn't mean you are doing badly. That just meant your success hasn't land upon you, and it will. 

Here's a mission for you. This week, if you were to know someone that has good news or does really well at something, cheer for them. Take that as a motivation and work hard, soon others will feel happy for you too! Don't resent, or begrudge. You will be able to do it! 

Good Night!

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