[ADV] Klarity™ Lasertox™ Slim Up Mask

Howdy! Apologies for this super ultimate overdue post, I didn't mean just spots of mould growing around that kind of overdue, but the kind where you can see and smell rotten food and maggots crawling around. 

First thing first, really thankful and grateful for Klarity to have me at their Appreciation Tea Party, it was a pity that I couldn't stay through. Missed a whole lot of fun. 


If you happened to be like me, who always wanted a slimmer and more v-shaped face without having the pain of undergoing a cosmetic surgery. I found you a great deal! 

I have never heard of or seen this brand in my life, never. I was really thankful to learn about this brand and gotten the chance to try out a few products at the Appreciation Tea Party. 

One of my favourite would be this: 

Klarity™ Lasertox™ Slim Up Mask

Slim Up Mask has this special ingredient called the CellActive® to activate fat breakdown and reinforce firmness to achieve and maintain a beautiful v-contour.

The packaging is designed in such a way that the firm cream and its tools are separated. 

Step 1: Apply the firming cream. 
Step 2: Hook hydrogel sheet over ears and press the sheet to fit on cheek and chin.
Step 3: Leave it for 30-40minutes. Remove the sheet and pat remaining essence to be absorbed.

It is recommended that for optimum result, it is best to se firming cream with lift up patch everyday for the first 2 weeks and at least 1-2 times a week continuously 

For lazy little bum like me, you could just leave it on your face for the rest of the night and wake up to a perfect v-contour! Easy Peasy isn't it? 

Favourite part that you might want to take note...
 Take 20% off any regular priced Klarity product when you enter ZEL20 on checkout at www.klarity.sg!!

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