Be your own DJ @ The Music Run™ by AIA


Super excited to share this awesome running experience with you guys, but I was held back by hell lot of errands that this came a little late. Extremely thrilled to start on this!

This April, something thrilling is going to rock the shores of Sentosa, definitely not April's Fools, it's The Music Run™ by AIA. It has been making waves in Asia with sell-out crowds in cities like Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Bangkok and Yangon. And you will be the first to experience it in Singapore. 

As a music fanatic myself, I am so looking forward to this event. Can you imagine yourself running along the shores of Sentosa while getting pump up by 5 different types of music genre (Rock, Dance, R&B & Retro)? That's going to be amazing isn't it? 

You may be thinking, it only 5 different types of music genre, my iPod has more than that, please? No no no. I am telling you, your iPod can't do this, in this run you will get to experience 100 quality concert speakers playing your favourite music out loud!

Not so fascinating? Well, here's more for you! You take full control of the soundtrack in this run, you decide the music you want to listen during the run. Powered by Spotify, the Official Digital Music Partner.  *Scream*

How to be the DJ?
1. Be a registered participant.
2. Visit The Music Run Singapore at :
3. Scroll down to the Play Section.
4. Listen and decide on the song you would like to vote.
5. Click "Vote Now", followed by clicking on the "tick"
6. Repeat step 1 for the next genre of music!

Music Runners are allowed to vote for up to FIVE songs per genre PER DAY!

If the thought of having to run for 5km is a total turn off for you, I am gonna reveal the next thing to turn you on again. Unlike other marathons and themed running events, The Music Run™ by AIA has no time clock. Don't get what that means? Means you can enjoy the fun and complete the run at your own pace

Detail of the run:

When: 11 April 2015, Saturday.
Where: Sentosa Beach Car Park, Sentosa Island
Event Time: 2:30pm-8pm
Run Distance: 5 Km
Registration Fee: Standard  : SGD 50
                            Rock Star : SGD 75
Registration Deadline : 31 March 2015

To get the Music Runners™ warmed up, amped and in the mood, the meticulous The Music Run will kick off with a Start Zone party at 2.30pm and end with the After Party in the Music Village. This is definitely not something you gonna missed, there will be great music performances by the pioneer of the beatboxing in Singapore and defending champion of the International Grand Beatbox Battle, Dharni. He will be collaborating with up-and-coming singer K-Leah to bring you some mashups and medleys of popular upbeat tracks.

Beatboxing isn't something for you? You can also look forward to music inspired entertainment, food & beverage stations, games and events at the sponsor tent as well as great promotion and prizes to be won!

I bet your muscles are already pumped up! Go onto and be a Music Runner™ today! ! 

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