5 Useful Website You Probably Didn't Know It Exist.


Let's play a guessing game, how many websites are there in today's world? Reckon a million? A billion? Well, According to Internet Live States, there are more than a billion (around , 213, 172, 000) , that's a lot isn't it?

It is common that many website have gone unnoticed due to the rising numbers of websites daily. I am going to share with you some of the 5 useful websites that I have discovered over the years. Are you ready?

1. WeTransfer.

I have been using WeTransfer since 2013. This is super useful especially to people who are working in the media sector or with large files. This website allows you to send huge documents up to 2GB for FREE! But if you are a frequent user it is recommended to get WeTransfer Plus to have your customised backgrounds, transfer documents up to 10GB and many other awesome features!

2. Any. do

Like any other task managing applications out in the market, it's just another task manager. However, if you are minimalism like I do, I believe that you would love this app as much as I do.  On top of that, you can sync this application with any devices be it Android or Apple! 

Watch a short video by Any.Do 

3. After The Dateline

After the Deadline does not have a "WOW" kind of web layout or design, but its gonna aid you a hell lot when you are working on a 3k words essay. It checks your spelling, grammar and writing style in just one click. Simple yet useful isn't it? 

4. Mint

I am never good with maths, even simple maths (additions and multiplications) are not my cup of tea. Even though I am no good with maths, I do know that it is important to be capable to manage my own finance well. However, having the difficulty in maths has poses a challenge to manage my own finance, I turn to a finance managing app. 

I can save the trouble of doing my own calculations, wasting my time doing budgeting, unsure the amount I have to save up and so on. By getting the full picture of my financial statues, it enables me to manage my own finance with no sweat! 

But the sad thing is that you will need to fake your location, because it's only available in United States and Canada

5. Canva

Not a photoshop expert, but required to come out with a business card, poster or flyers? Fret not, Canva is here to your rescue. It is meant to be make your life easy by having simple tools to create marvellous product. 

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