[Giveaway] How to Effectively use a Planner

Today is the 1/365days. With the new year and back to school hype, a post about planner seemed too appropriate, don't you think so? It definitely gonna be the best way to start a new year!

I will be giving ONE lucky reader an adorable planner! So, read on if you wish to win! 

One of the most memorable thing that I enjoyed about studying is when I can write my notes with colourful pens. So, every year without fail I would get myself the cutest planner and I can write all my appointments and due dates in colourful pens. 

This might make you think that I would use my planner a ton, but come to think about it. Initially, I would get all hype up and write all my appointment, due dates, to-dos and important dates diligently into that cute planner. Inevitably, though, I would turn to my Phone calendar and remembering the rest. 

Up till 2013, I was determined to stop relying on my little puiny brain with minimal memory gb, and actually started to pen down my schedule. With all my heart and soul, of course adding a little bit of diligence, I manage to plan my things throughout 2013! So, I thought I should share some tips to effectively use your planner! 

1. Get a planner your love: Yes. A planner that you will adore and keep it like a treasure. This year, I have picked this Yesterday and Today planner. With hand written typography and animated character, it's just so irresistible not to have one myself. It's made up of both monthly and weekly planner with adorable characters as decorations. For myself, I prefer planners that comes in handy to bulky ones. A slightly bigger than A5 size planner is perfect for me! 

2. Plan 1 week earlier: Every weekend, I get overly frustrated over the things I have to complete by the following weekend. So.. One Sunday night I sat down with my planner right in front of me, and place in the work that I have to do each day and to be completed by when. Viola! My week doesn't seem as stressful as it is! After a year of experimenting, my personal preference is to start off with the larger projects, and work my ass off a little by little each day. 

3. Make To-dos accomplishable: Aside from planning early, marking down to-dos is simply the most helpful way to plan your day. When I was younger, my dad told me to make a to-do list everyday. Being the good kid, I diligently list down 20 to-dos in a day. Thinking back, I can never finish all the to-dos IN A DAY! So the best is to set about 3-5 to-dos daily, its definitely achievable and you feel more confident in completing "impossible" assignments. 

4. Is okay to be Flexible: Sometimes the day just didn't start right. Your boss just came in place a file on your table and he wants it by 5. The great thing about planner is that you can cross things out, and shift the task you supposedly has planned into the following day! Moving to-do’s and adapting to each day is what will allow you to work in a smart manner.

5. Tagging: Get all the sticky note flag and use them as tabs for indicating the important dates that you ought to miss. Having these little sticky popping out the planner seems funny and messy, so I usually have one and only sticky popping out. And I make sure that sticky doesn't get in my way. haha. 

Now If you would like to own a planner like the one I am using, here's your chance! 

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Good luck everyone! I'll see ya soon! 

Happy New Year! 

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