Back To School Series: 5 Reason Why You Need To Plan.

Just a few weeks back, I had a chat with a group of friends who just finished their A Level Examinations. I realised that many of them have felt that planning their life is rather unnecessary. They questioned me, commented that life could not be planned. I was utterly shocked by that comment. 

Without a plan life, we would be wandering aimlessly week by week, and get all upset and disappointed when we are not leading the life we hoped for. Hence, planning is essential. 

Here, I have 5 reason why I believe it is essential: 

1. Provides directions. 

With a plan you will have a direction in life, allowing you to keep focus and spend time that benefits your future. Never leave your life up to chance. Be sure that YOU are the one controlling the steering wheels of your life.

2. A step closer to your DREAMS.

Have you ever felt that your dreams are "pie in the sky"? That's happens when your dreams are not planned. It motivates you and turn words into actions, pushing you closer to your dreams each day. 

3. Clarify your most important Priorities. 

Your teacher may have set certain priorities for you. So does your parents. But what about your own Priorities? Do you have any that you wish to achieve in limited time? 

4. Balance your Life. 

Sometimes we sacrifices our sleep to work, or even our family time. But are these sacrifices necessary? I would say NO. With a plan, you will be able to juggle between your work life and personal life. 

5. Max up your time.

Have you ever wonder why are you failing your subjects? With a plan, you will be able to maximise your time spend. It allows you to stay focus and knowing when and what to do during that period of time. 

Now you know that planning is important, so do start planning before the new year comes! Do stay tuned for my next post on how to do life planning and stand a chance to win a monthly planner! 

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