Club Monaco launches Winter/Fall 2014 Collection.

I am finally done with my assignments, and able to gasp for some air before I start cramming for my Chinese Literature exam next week.

Last Thursday, Janice brought me to Club Monaco for their Fall/Winter 2014 collection launch. To be honest, I have never been to a launch event.  I didn't know where or how to start. I’m really glad she showed me a path and of course, I will treasure the chance. So I was there as a photographer for Janice.

I am up for photography services too. Email me zelenelmt[at] for service rates.

Back to Club Monaco.

It takes three seconds to judge a person, based on their looks. So it's important for us to dress to impress. This fall, Club Monaco is bringing us back to the 70s and get down to retro.

While I was walking around, I noticed that Club Monaco loves to play with different types of fabrics. Pairing wool with cotton. Or cotton with leather. The results are very interesting.

The Holiday collection is inspired by the dark elegance of winter, coupled with a modern take on two striking eras in fashion. The men’s and women’s collections complement each other very well, with deep blues, chunky textures and floral patterns that make a great transition from summer into the winter.

It may be early for winter, but time flies and before you know it, it’s snowing. It's never too early to start preparing winterwear. Club Monaco celebrates the December festive season with fringe, lace and tassels. The sapphire hues evolve into richer tones of plum, navy and silver. Pearl embellishments on jumpsuits, skirts and dresses are definitely going to make you the belle of the Christmas Party.

Club Monaco

Takashimaya Shopping Centre 
Tel: 6732 1767

Some photos I have taken for Janiqueel

  August collection. Its on floor now! 

I love the metallic skirt Janice is wearing. You will be under the limelight for the day. :)

I was joking with Janice. A necklace from the ancient Egypt? Maybe, maybe not  . Honestly, it’s bold and elegant at the same time!

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