#8 Back To School Series: 10 Time Management Tips

Back To School Series

Hey Darlings,

It's lovely Sunday! It's the start of a brand new week. Looking through my scheduler there are endless things to complete, I wanna let out a heavy sigh. Do you think I would be able to manage? YES, of course I could. Not sure how I am able to do it? All you need to do is read on to find out how.

10 Time Management Tips from Wabbithan:

It's a MYTH! 
Time management is just a myth! "You got to be kidding me!" NO I am not. No matter how well organised a person can be everyone shares the same amount of time we have and that will be 24 hours. Nothing more, Nothing less.

What are you WASTING on?
Where are you spending your time at? On netsurfing, making personal calls? You need to find out the very reason to why do you seem to have lesser time to use compared to others. With that you will be able to proceed to the next step.

Bring a SCHEDULER with you.
With a scheduler you will be able to note down whatever you need to complete within that week or even in that particular day. With that I believe you will be able to judge on what need to be completed for the day.

Honestly, scheduler has become one of my necessities . I will feel insecure if I were to leave my scheduler at home. With a scheduler I will be able to keep track of my week and maybe a week after. I like to do planning a week before.

Plan. Plan. Plan.
Start your day with a plan. It will only take you around 30 minutes to complete this daily planning. A 30 minutes in exchange for a productive day. Worth it? YES!

Tip: Don't start your day when your planning is not completed.

Complete the IMPORTANT TASK First. 

You will need to learn how to weigh the importance of what you are working on currently. To identify   the most crucial task is the golden rule in Time Management.

This may be a little hard to achieve. However, the best time management is to stay focus. Put all your distractions away. If there's is a need to switch off wifi or place a "Do not Disturb" at your door knob, please do so.

Your Facebook, Twitter, Istagram may be one of your distractions. Block off all these social media when you wish to get things done. This is my usual. Helps me a lot, I can stay focus for quite some time. No vibrations, no pop ups.

Learn to say "NO".
You have to know when to say no. Sometimes it will be good to have certain opportunity, however, be sure that you are able to handle. When it's time to decline you decline. Know what's more important.

I have to learn a lot from this point. I am always afraid to say no, why? Because, I am too afraid to decline others. However, I have come to learn that it would be better for me to say no if I could not handle. Because he or she will be able to find someone else to help them better.

Don't let the UNIMPORTANT DETAILS to drag you down. 
We often get too carried away in finding flaws. However, it is not possible to have a 100% perfection. If you know that its already 98% perfect, then let it go.

I understand how it feels like to be 2% imperfect. As a perfectionist myself, I find it pretty guilty for that. However, if this 2% is not gonna affect the big picture then let it go.

Do something during WAITING TIME.
What's waiting time? It can be the time where you take your train ride, getting your food, waiting for the arrive of your bus. All this little bits of waiting time can turn into useful time slots to complete certain things.

 For me, I usually would use this little gaps of waiting time do think through what have I not complete for the day, do a rough planning for my following day or even following week, on how to complete my assignments.

It's pretty useful, so don't look down on these little breathing gaps between your time.

Useful? Don't hesitate to share it with your friends! :D

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