[Wabbithan Visits] A journey down to Fantasia by Escriba.


Once upon a time, there was little girl called Wabbithan. She is awfully in love with confectionaries, and her dream was to be like Charlie (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory).

She looked all over the world for the Chocolate Factory, for she wanted to see the place with her own eyes. However, it was nowhere to be found. Depression and sadness slowly crept in, and she was about to give up her dreams of finding the Chocolate Factory.

Then, she saw something. A passport.

She reached out for the passport. As she touched it, she was sucked right into another world. She was in for an exciting adventure!


She fell into a big cup of chocolate. She popped her head out. A man with a tall hat waved his walking stick.

“Where am I?” she asked while she climbed out of the cup.

“Welcome to Fantasia!” He exclaimed. “Follow me, I’ll bring you to the fantasy place that you’ve always wanted to go to.”

“The Chocolate Factory!” Wabbithan shouted excitedly.

“No, it’s Fantasia. A world of fantasy, only limited by your imagination.”


Hmm, what adventure is Wabbithan experiencing at Fantasia? Read on! It won’t be a wordy story, but a picture story. 

Chapter 1: Chocolate Fall.

Wabbithan had only heard of waterfalls before, not chocolate falls. She gaped at a Guinness World Record of 8.5m tall Callebaut Falls. Be sure to look for it!

Chapter 2: The Zoo. 

Indulge in the smell of cocoa, and enjoy the life-size edible animals. It’s not the trick eye museum, but your eyes will be amazed. 

Chapter 3: A little History

This confectionery extravaganza is the brainchild of pastry chef couple, Christian Escriba and Patricia Schmidt of the famed Pasteleria Escriba in Barcelona, which has a wonderful history of 108 year

Chapter 4: Surprises!

In Fantasia, you never know where surprises are hiding. Every minute is full of new things to wonder at.

Chapter 5: Learning... 

There will be masterclasses during the 3 days Fantasia journey! Sign up for them! You never know when you may be able to experience the masterclasses again.

Chapter 6: Midnight Fantasia.

This is only for tomorrow (23 August)! Midnight Fantasia will be held from 12 midnight to 2a.m. The Comedian, a world-renowned Spanish troupe, will amuse you with their performances!

Chapter 7: Are they even edible?

You will know what I mean, when you see it. 


At Fantasia, your mouth will never stop moving, from the eating, laughing and joking!

Fantasia by Escriba
Where: Marina Bay Sands Convention Halls D and E at Basement 2
When: From August 22 to 24, 2014
Prices: From $38 for entry to the Midnight at Fantasia event on August 23 to $388 for a family bundle (which consists of two adult tickets and two child tickets) daily. Masterclasses and other events at Fantasia are ticketed separately; go to http://fantasiabyescriba.com/ for more information.

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