Wabbithan Visits: Le Spa, Cozy 24 hours spa a Sanctuary to Derive Joy


Le spa 
14 Gemmill Lane
Singapore 069253
Tel: +65 6222 6803

16A Chun Tin Road (Upper Bukit Timah Rd)
Singapore 599603
Tel: +65 62226805

24 Hours.

Here, we combine traditional oriental therapies and modern technologies with a new perspective; – Surely Satisfied and Rejuvenated.

If I closed my eyes, I would be enveloped by the orchestral sounds of horns honking, people chattering, and footsteps hitting the pavement. If I opened them, bright lights, tall buildings, crowds of people.

 Tucked in a corner of the vibrant, bustling Club Street, Le Spa: quiet, cozy, an urban escapade for working professionals.

It was my first time down to LeSpa, and upon entering I was warmly greeted at the front desk. I was taken down a long long alley, where little candles are being lid and soothing music played in the background; a soothing and relaxing ambience. It totally relaxes my mind, as if preparing myself for the main course. Hahaha. 

The best thing about Le Spa is that they do not advocate pressure selling of exuberant packages, ensuring every visit with them is a truly enchanting and worthwhile experience.When you instinctively seek a moment of peace to rejuvenate… They are here to heal and enliven your mind, body and spirit. 

Turning off the lights gives you an even better experience during the full body massage.  I chose a 1.5hr Le Classic Swedish Retreats, and hell it was amazing! I felt extremely refreshed! Was a pretty upset when the whole thing ended. 

24 Hours- Just like 7-11, Le Spa is open round the clock. It's located right in CBD area, along Club Street. So fret not to working adults in CBD, you will still be able to relax yourself even if you work overtime.

 Body Massage- They have four types of body massage for you to choose from. 

Le Urban Fusion: This is highly recommended for ladies. Le Urban Fusion is specially catered for ladies who are afraid of pain, yet able to achieve an overall experience. 

Le Royal Balinese: This is catered to customers who wish to get a slightly more intense massage. 

Le Classic Swedish Retreats: If you have a tensed body and have constantly  going for massages, this would be a perfect choice for you.

Le Imperial Indulgence: This is a Twin Therapy, where two masseuse will be involved in the massage therapy. This will give a more balanced massage experience, where they will sync the left and the right.

Overall Experience- If you are looking for a place to heal your spirits, body and mind, Le Spa is definitely the best choice for you! 

Extremely thankful for my masseuse KiKi that made a wonderful experience with Le Spa!

What's more now, it currently having an OPENING Promotion @ $38 for a 45 min massage! 

So, hurry! Book your appointment with Le Spa today! 

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