Tokyo Luxey Meet up.

Hey Lovelies,

If you were to recall, I have posted about Tokyo Luxey weeks ago. Felt much honoured to be invited for their MeetUp at P.S cafe last Monday, 14 July 2014. 

A re-cap on Tokyo Luxey. 

Tokyo Luxey, SingaporeTokyo Luxey supplies high quality Japanese Cosmetics, you will be one of the first to get products from Japan. The Luxe beauty and lifestyle goods includes makeup, skincare, healthcare , hair and many more that you ladies are concern of. Not just it is also a community for Luxeys like us to share our lifestyle and beauty tips! 

Since I will be able to bring two more pax for the event, I brought along Janice and Felicia whom I met one week ago before the event. Janice made my day, she was so funny and I just can't stop laughing. On top of that, I got to make new friends. I wanna thank these two beautiful ladies, Chie Maeda San (Managing Director Of Tokyo Luxey) and Hiromi Hanado (Marketing Director Of Tokyo Luxey), for their invitation. 

During the meet up, Chie Maeda San explained to us the mission of Tokyo Luxey as well as the products they have brought in for us. It's awesome cause I can easily buy my Japanese Product in Singapore now! YAY! 

We get to try out the products on the spot. I fell in love with the awesome products immediately, I will be doing a review on these products very soon, so do stay tune! What really concerns and attracts my attention are the skincare products and BB cream. 

I believe that make up only spice up your face, to look good is determined by the nature of your skin. Therefore, to me, skin care products are the basic necessities in my life. The other reason: I am not that fond of putting on make up as I dislike the suffocation of my skin. 

Lastly, all of us were given a bag filled with Japan Cosmetics. The next thing that happened was screams and shrills which attracted countless death stares. OOPS. 

So what are in the bag?

0536 Albion - Eclafutur
0536 Albion Skin - Condition Face Mask
0536 Fleur de Mer - Creme Essentielle
0536 Make it & co. - Moisturiser cream 
0536 Make it & co. - Face & Body Wash Oil
0536 24h Cosme - Compact Powder no. 03

Next, the food at P.S Cafe was suburb. It's really a place worth going, though the price are pretty expensive. Haha, A great place for couples. Very romantic. In addition the food is awesome! 

PS. Cafe
28B Harding Rd, Singapore 249549

Tlp: +65 9070 8782

Lastly, remember at the start of the post I mentioned that I have met a couple of new friends? Yup they are Fenny and Michelle. I am so glad and honoured to get to know them. Fun bunch of people. 

And here are some photos taken during the event. Thank you Michelle for taking these cute and nice photos. I love your camera, it makes my skin smooth and shiny! HEHE! :D 

And some photos with Felicia and Janice

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Tokyo Luxey

Thanks for reading! 0536

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