#7 Back To School Series:8 Reasons You Shouldn't Feel Sad Being Single.

Back To School Series

I have no idea why there are teens out there feeling depressed or upset over not being attached, not having a boyfriend. Come on, being attached doesn't make you a complete person. Be proud to be single, here are my 8 Reasons to why you shouldn't feel sad being single 


Being attached requires time, a good relationship requires good investment. So why spend time thinking how you can invest when you can invest on yourself. Do something that is value adding to you.

You are not alone.

Keep that in your mind. You are never alone. There are people out there that are single just like you are. Majority of your friends may have been through relationships or already in a relationship, and you haven't even gotten your first. Please don't feel bad about that. You are not alone. I have many friends who have been single for their past 20 years. So what? 

Making Plans just for yourself.

Yeap. The beauty of being single: you, yourself, and no one else. You don't have to constantly lookout for your other half's schedule. Accommodating with each other's schedule can be quite a tiring job, don't you think so? 

You can have the bed all by yourself. 

I wouldn't recommend couples to do this, unless you are old enough like 25 and above. Things may go very very wrong when couples share a bed. I don't really wish to bring in all the relationship politics discussion. But what I am trying to say here is, being single you can have your bed all by yourself. I don't like to share my bed with people. Cos my bed is pretty small. 

Have your very own personal space.

Omg! I really do need this. I need personal space, like a lot. I really dislike it when anyone butt into my personal space. I can do whatever I want. I don't have to think about "will my boy get jealous if I were to text my best friend who happens to be a guy" that kind of thing. OMG! I have no idea why, but guys this days are petty, can they stop eating the vinegar? GOSH!! 


One of the best perks of being single is that you have plenty of time for your friends. I like that. This means I can hang out with my bitches, sing K from day till night. I love that. 

Saving up. 

Being single, means saving a lot more money with just having yourself to worry about. Saving up the trouble to please your other half by buying flowers, ties, eating out. You can just stay at home cook a nice meal for yourself. WOOHOO! These saved up money can also be used to travel overseas with your family or friends. 

Eye candy the other gender all you want.

You can stare and hang out with the other gender without worrying about your other half being jealous or angry at you. This is the main reason why I love being single, single life offers you a variety of people you can choose to date and spend time with. 

Lastly, bless others who are in the relationship. Be happy for your friends who are attached, and never feel depressed for being single. You don't lose out in any other ways. Life is all about give and take. If you wish to have a boyfriend, then you might not be able to get what you have being single.  

Moral of the story: Cherish what you have now. 

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