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Kenny Khoo Music Concert,  Singapore- Have been listening to a local Chinese radio station Yes933, and overheard this awesome song called Wounded (). It was so nice that I can’t helped it but to Google the singer. I was pretty shocked that it was by a local talent, Kenny Khoo. FYI, that was the first time hearing about Kenny Khoo. However, if you have watch That Girl in Pinafore (我的朋友,我的同学,我爱过的一切) you may already seen or heard of him before. In that movie, he was starred as Hao Ban.

Kenny Khoo debut his album, Ten Storey, at the age of 25 and managed to clinch NO.1 on Taiwan’s authoritative G-Music Album last month, defeating Hong Kong Superstar Eason Chen’s Rice and Shine. What a talent right? What’s more, every song featured in the album was written and composed by him.  In addition, I love the meaning behind the title of his debut album, Ten Storeys. Whereby in each storeys, it portrays a love story of its own. 10 love story = 10 songs. How cool right?

At first I was a little reluctant to go for Kenny Khoo’s music concert held in my school. One, it was held in the late evening, Two, I have work to do in the night, Three, I was shy to go. But I was glad that I went in the end. And got to know Kenny Khoo better, through his songs and conversations. Even though it was only a short music concert held in Ngee Ann Polytechnic,but was elated enough to hear his voice. 

Rachel Tan, a lifestyle blogger, hosted the music concert. However, I don’t really like the way she hosted the event, but I know she tried her best. So she has been forgiven. However, I still support Miss Tan LiYi an ex YES933 DJ to host for the event.

Even though Kenny is just a new to the entertainment industry he manage to make the crowd to cheer for him. All in all, he conquered the stage that day. Probably, it was due to the experiences singing in shuffle that made his stage performance a total blast. Kenny is humble even after all the fame he has in Taiwan. He didn’t show dapai character even when we kept asking for photos with him.


Having a singer to sing live and not going out of tune, is a total rare sight. On top of that, Kenny Khoo expresses his feelings through the songs he has written.  Especially in his album hits (主打歌 ) Wounded (伤者). You may think that this is a typical Mandapop/ a breakup song, however, I find the lyrics pretty meaningful. Here is a sypnosis of the song:

Love is there to moisture us. Therefore, we will search for our happiness. But, overtime we gradually get exhausted about finding. Eventually, we turned sour and we gave up in finding.

Kenny Khoo wanted to convey the message that in a relationship people hurt each other, and when break ups happen we will not be able to continue to be protect each other.






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Was rather upset with my school sound system the other day. It changed the quality of Kenny Khoo’s voice. Despite that, Kenny Khoo has a great vocal range. His transition between his real and fake voice went extraordinary smooth. The other thing that I admire him is his unique vocal. When he sings, you can feel the sadness in his voice and I am sure his voice will mesmerise you.

Want to hear his singing? Well, here’s your chance!

8 August 2014
Beep Studio, 2 Bukit Merah Central #02-00, Singapore 159835

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A little sharing session with us. Host by blogger, Rachel Tan. 

Signing the posters and albums.. :D


Lastly, Thank you for coming down to NGEE ANN POLYTECHNIC! 

Source: Kenny Khoo Insta @Kennykhoofz

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