#6 Back To School: Staying Positive

Back To School Series

In a blink of an eye, we have reach the 3rd quarter of 2014. Can you believe it? Soon enough, 2015 will be round the corner. I usually have this feeling of tiredness and sianess, with the increase of no motivation in me when the we reach the 3rd quarter of the year. This happens to me whenever my new year's resolution ain't as per what I wanted, or things have gone really bad over the months. Resulting the lost of motivation in myself, and stop working towards what I wanted.

However, this is the time where bad situation can get over turned. Working hard a little more can make a whole difference to our fruitful 4th quarter of the year. But how are we going to keep our engine moving?

These are some of the methods that I find it useful for me, no harm trying for you though. :D

1. Spot the ISSUE.

To be able to identify the issue that prevented your motivation, productivity level to drop, is one of the utmost important step in being positive towards your work. Usually, people will ask you to forget and let go of the problems that you are facing, well, that's not gonna help in making you feel better. Because, avoiding problems may create a greater after math.

The solution:
Approach the issue and view in a different way first by finding the reason why you are feeling so negative, here are some questions that you can ask yourself.

  •  Why am I feeling Negative?
  •  What makes this things goes wrong?
  •  Are there any ways to make it better?
  •  Was it due to certain side factors that have affected my performance? 
Source: http://wishfulinspiration.com/tag/problem/

These are just some example question. List a series of questions on a paper and answer them truthfully. Sorting out your distorted feelings or confused mind can make you feel less negative over time.

2. ADJUST your mood and thinking towards the negative situation.
  • Negative thought can worsen the way you are going to view the situation that you are in right now. The only way to change your negative thoughts into positive ones is change the way you think. This may start out a little harder for those who are a newbie to optimism.
  • If one were to maximise the negative thoughts, one can never get positive. So here are some scenarios for you.
First scenario:
Getting back your assignment and you have gotten an C. I know this is a pretty bad results, but how can you be optimistic about it? First you can start thinking about why have you gotten a C. If the reasons were you didn't put in enough effort, or you ain't sure what that topic is all about. Then the second thing you have to do is reason out why have you not put in enough effort, or if you are unsure of that topic go study it. Right after think about now I learn a new thing, this result make me understand my topic better than anyone else.

Second scenario:
Not being able to have you lunch because you couldn't finish up your assignment, or you are stuck in the printing shop. I dislike the feeling of being hungry, being angry with yourself over not having to finish your assignment on time, doesn't do any better to having a filled tummy. What you can do is, "If I can finish this up in 5 mins time, I will be able to grab a sandwich from the Canteen!" this can help your productivity to increase, and you won't feel any worse after that!

3. ADJUST your behaviour.
  • This can get pretty hard for non born optimist. Like what a Chinese Proverb says :助人为快乐之本 ( Helping others is the key to happiness). I totally agree with it. Staying positive is not just about you, it will be easier to stay positive in a group. So that first thing you can do is to influence others to be positive like you. Therefore, start off with helping out others.
For example: Taking the initiatives to load the printer, to clean the tables, to smile or greet your colleagues or classmates.

With that, people will appreciate your doings, and these praises and appreciation can keep your day happy and upright.

  • It will also be good if you could be able to share your negative thoughts with your close friends, since friends are the ones that is your emotional support. I always feel better when I were to converse with my friends about the worries, fears that I have. They will be able to praise you and look at the better side. 
4. INFLUENCE others.

I believe that being in a optimistic group can make your life happier. Even if you were to be in an unfortunate situation, you will still have this group of optimistic friends out there to guide you out of your negative thoughts.

This is not something that can happen over night. It takes time to influence other. But if you need to influence others to be an optimist, you will have to be a role model of an optimist.

However if you are not able influence others to be optimistic you can try step 5.

5. Hang out with OPTIMIST.

I am pretty sure there will be friends out there that are born nature optimist. Hang out with these friends. Optimist will be willing to hear your negative thoughts, cause they do not wish themselves to think pessimistic when time comes. Thus, they will guide you out of your negative thoughts.

Not to be afraid to share your negative thoughts with them. Cause by spitting out your negative thought to an Optimist, you not only soothe the negative thoughts. An optimist can give your suggestion on thinking positive.

6. Take the FIRST STEP.

Lastly, this is another important step to stay positive towards the world. You need to be able to take the initiatives to take step out your comfort zone. The determination in being positive then can change your pessimistic behaviour into an optimistic ones.

So here are the 6 steps that I truly helped me in staying positive even at the lowest point of my life. Hope all these works well like how it works for me. :D All the best to the ones that are focusing on your major exams! Jiayous!


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