Facts about Myself.

Good day everyone! I had a good morning today! Real good, slacked my morning away, the best way to enjoy a Sunday morning. I am here to answer some of the questions that you have been asking or wondering about, who the hell am I? 

I have actually done this facts before last year in August, you can read the post here

So here's another 10 Facts about me lah! 

1. What's your name exactly?

Honestly, I don't know? Am I Wabbithan? Wabbit? Han? Zelene? Haha!! Just kidding! Apparently, all these names doesn't even exist in my birth certificate. NONE OF THEM! Not even my English name, Zelene. Well, the name that existed on my birth certificate is Lee Meng Tong. YUP! That's me! 

2. Why are you always so busy? 

I wouldn't say that I am busy lah, cause most of the time I am doing things that I enjoyed. Such as being involved in film festivals, Project Superstar etc or even blogging. All of which are things that I really do enjoy myself. I dislike doing things I don't like. So I don't consider myself being busy, I consider myself as living my life to the fullest! 

3. Why are you always optimistic? 

Actually, I wasn't that optimistic when I was a little younger. I was rather pessimistic than optimistic. How do I keep myself from all the sadness away and so on, the very first thing is, stop thinking. The more you think the worst it can get. All you have to do is know where you are wrong, learn from it, and find a solution. No point crying over a spilled milk. That's my logic. And this keeps me optimistic. You can read the next post: #6 Back to School:Staying Positive, to find out my methods of being an optimist.

4. Are you a Mass Communication Student? 

Er... The answer is NO. I am not a Mass Communication student technically. I am a Chinese Media and Communication Student. The difference ain't big, the only difference is I am bilingual. Haha. Of course not just that lah! Click to find out more about what my course is about if you were to be interested. 

5. Why is your Instagram like so happening?

The reason behind it is very simple. I am a Media Student. Not of a Mass Communication Student, but a Chinese Media and Communication Student. YUP! Judge me all you want, but I am telling you, I am proud of it! And because of that, I have been given many opportunities to expose myself in various media industry! 

6. Do you have any disorder?

I have this condition called the Obsessive-Complusive Disorder (OCD), to be honest, I think most of us will have this little disorder in us. What OCD actually means is being overly anxious about things that one is being obsessed about, be it a straight line, or even certain routine. I can get pretty anxious if I were to see certain things are not of its position. I have this fear of contamination, lucky and unlucky numbers, having to do certain thing in a manner, if not I will feel unease. Of course, I do hate the way people touches my things, there's always a way for me to put things. 

This pissed me off! 

7. Why do you learn Sign-Language? 

The only reason why I learn sign-language is I am afraid that I might go deaf one day. So learning sign language is like a back up plan for me. The reason being afraid is because, I am a hearing impaired child. Where part of my ear is partially deaf, only sound wave that is more than 80db could be heard. Even though this has affected my daily communications with people, but I am still proud to be a hearing impaired child. Cause I am unique. 

8. Why am I always feeling tired?

I have been told that I look tired almost 24/7. Cos my brains haven't been resting well for more than 6 months. My physical body may be fully charge, but not my brain. Many reasons behind it, it can be due to assignments, due to expenses, due to studies, due to emotions etc. 

9. What are your daily habits?

Wa, are you kidding me? Daily habits? I will name a few lah, not all, cos I have this whole list of things I have to do daily. I have the habit of doing a 5 min stretch on the bed before leaving my bed, I will not want to leave my bed three times daily, that's why I have to set three alarm timing. Others would be, I can't live without vege, its a must for me to eat at least a vege each meal. If not I will feel wrong. 

10. Why do you treat people differently? 

Er.. Well, I do categorise people around me according to the level of understanding and affections. As for people that are within the besties are gonna be the ones that will see the most inner side of me. I think this is like a form of protection to myself. Same goes to the people that lies on the negative side, they will receive really bad attitude from me. I can get pretty cold while talking to them. That's me. What to do? :( However, not many people lies on the negative side. So don't worry! :D 

10 cools facts about me! You can read the About Me page for more about me too! And here its time to say bye bye! 

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