Stay tuned for ... O.S production!

Weeks before was sooo hectic that I can’t even… Breathe. Yes. I couldn’t. Blame it on my endless assignments that I have to complete. Finally I could take some gasp of air for these two days, but sadly I am still rushing to meet my assignments deadline now! However, I think its really time for me to do some updates about what have I been up to for the past half a month..

First of all, I was hooked up with assignments. In fact I had lost count the amount of assignments I have done for the past weeks.  Since it was just the start of the new school term, thing has gotten a little rough. What do I mean by that? Well, the main issue here was not being able to get involved with the conversation with my new classmates. I wouldn’t say that it’s a negative thing; I do see opportunity in it, such as being able to start afresh, and building up my very new network of friends. As things were rough in the beginning, I had trouble conversing with my teammates for the very first few assignments we were supposed to do. Fortunate enough, things got better. That’s pretty lucky don’t you think so? :D

That period of time I was like a shepherd, trying my best to push all my sheep back to their barn. YUP. That lasted about 2.5 weeks? 到尽自然直. (It means, things will just turn out well at the end of the day). During those 2.5 weeks, I suffered from sleep deprived. I got so high that my friends labeled me ‘crazy’. I don’t know why, do you have the same problem as me? Getting high whenever you lack of sleep?

 I dunno if I should admit that I am a workaholic or what. I have no idea why I have volunteered myself up for some graduation ushers during that period of crazy deadline weeks. I can’t even understand why? Why am I doing that?!

Probably I am just hungry for CCA points. Know that I will be having test up on the following Monday, I got myself involved with Project Superstar audition last Saturday. Do I think that I have a lot of time to spare? Wow. Ultimately, I am proud of myself, I managed to finish studying this 10,000 words test within a day. :D Really proud. Hehee.

Oh oh, yea, I lost my ez-link card. I think I was just too tired and everything and did not realized that I have misplaced my ez-link card on bus 151. That’s like my second time losing my ez-link card! Why am I so clumsy and absent-minded! Angry with myself! It’s gonna cost me another 18 bux to make a new one. URGH!

It’s a student concession card with my name on it: Lee Meng Tong. If you managed to find it, please do contact me at I would be grateful about it! <3

Managed to spare some of my traveling time to update upon my About page. Yea, do go and take a look if you do have time:D

Holidays are just next week, but holidays are not meant to rest. They are there to chiong assignments, especially filming and Bigshot 52. 

Check out my nextpost on my filming production team. :D  Hope I will be able to blog that soon. Like real soon. Hahaa.

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