O.S Production Series: I need Calefares!

O.S Production Series

Yay! It's finally the term break! Not exactly a term break since I have to do some filming assignment on the first week of term break... Holiday has turned out to be a self-study week. However, at least I am doing things that I have interest in. :D If you have read my previous post then you might will notice about this O.S Production that I am currently involved in. 

Yup, my very first production with a bunch of awesome team mates to film a short film under the genre of LOVE. Not that of a typical love story that everyone hopes to have nor a typical one that touches your heart. It consist a little sadness, shocking, mind blown situation where I can't reveal now. Hehee.

A short synopsis in Chinese: 
中学毕业之际, 五个要好的同班同学玩了一个叫做 “秘密天使” 的游戏. 游戏规定玩家要守护自己所抽到的对象. 五人说好要在一年后才公开自己所守护的那个人.可惜,一场意外却带走了其中一个人.......一个未公开的 “秘密天使”.

5 good friends gathered around to play a game called the Mortal and Angel, where the angel has to protect his/her mortal regardless what happens. 5 of them agreed to keep this as a secret until a year later, however, an accident brought of the mortal away, leaving the angel to protect no mortal, what will the angel do?

Left a few more days to the actual filming and many things are still not in place.. Panic-striken for the pass few days. Was so afraid that we wouldn't be able to film in our location, cos there wasn't any reply from the in-charge. But to our relieve, he replied today. Really happy to be able to film a secondary school scene back to where my secondary school life was. 

Cr:http: austinpowerz.blogspot.sg

Thank you Chung Cheng High for the approval. And of course, thank you Mr Goh the film teacher in-charge and our Producer for making this a successful one. :D 

However, the most important things is actually our calefare! We need calefare. How can a classroom scene lack of students? Sigh. We only have 9 confirm calefare.. WHY?! Faint* Was it because this whole production was not a paid assignment, or was it too early to report, or was it both. But, its not like we are not giving you anything.. sigh.. But I really do need calefare!

Calefares can pick either dates:

19 June 2014
Cheng Chung High (Main)
40-56 Goodman Road,Singapore 439012
Nearest Mrt:Dakota 
Call time: 6.50a.m
End time: Noon. 
Attire: White Shoes, Black shorts (if have)

20 June 2014
Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Nearest Mrt: Clementi/ Holland Village
Call time:9.00a.m.
End Time: 4.00p.m
Attire: Casual Wear. 

Interested parties please contact: nublu.cmc@gmail.com

Pre-Production was a total mess, it took us a lot of time to agree with a title, a story plot, a location and so on. But I am really lucky to have these bunch of hot chicks with me, and finally we been through the toughest part of the whole damn production.  

Love them to the moon and back. 

This photo was taken during our casting call, let me introduce them. starting from the right. 
Liping is our Art Director.
Liting is our big boss, the Producer, cum Assistant Director
JingWen is our favourite Camerawoman, and at the same time the sound woman
That's me! Yup, I am the Director.
Chiangyee, is our beloved Editor. 

These people are really important to me. Like hell yea! Can't live without any of them. They are a lovely bunch, coming out with many crazy ideas, and accepted the crazy me. :D

More to come! 

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